Shawnee High School Reunion

Class of 1955
Quite Possibly The Greatest Class That Ever Was!

Shawnee, Oklahoma

July 21, 22, 23, 2000

Reunion 2000 E-Mail We Received!


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Reunion 2000 E-Mail We Received!
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Date: Sun, 16 Jul 2000 20:55:10 EDT
From: WillMerril


Subject: McKinnis/Merrill Reunion

Photographed on May 23, 2000 at McKinnis/Merrill Reunion, Chez McKinnis, Bronxville, NY

Case Study

  • --- Mothers were childhood neighbors and lifelong friends
  • --- Fathers were friends and worked together
  • --- Born 4 days apart ----- August 2nd and 6th 1937
  • --- Attended Woodrow Wilson Elementary School
  • --- Founding members (along with Joe McKimmey and Phil Stamps) of the short lived Saturday Morning Stamp Club!!!!
  • --- Graduated SHS in 1955
  • --- Attended University of Oklahoma where they were members of Kappa Sigma Fraturnaty
  • --- Served as Officers in the US Army and Air Force
  • --- Both ended up living in New York City in 1963

And after 62 years what do you have ??

Two old men that wear Bow Ties !!

[ Our Apologies To Nelson -
We Will Put Almost Anything On This Page! ]


From: John Gottman

Hello to all of the 1955 Wolves,

It is with regret that I will not be able to attend the reunion of the class of 1955 this year.

Thanks to all who have put in their time and efforts to make this happen. My best to all who are in attendence.

John R Gottman

North Kansas City, MO

[ We Had John On Our Lost List - Good To Hear From Him! ]


Don Nelson

I think -

  • Washington's colors were Green and White
  • and Harrison's Blue and White.
  • Irving's were Red and White -
  • and surely Jefferson's were Pink and Baby Blue.
Of course Wilson's were Purple and Gold.

Did Horse(sp) Man(sp) sport Palimino and Shiny White?

The Reunion Committee will never be outdone by any class, anywhere.

That's what I think.


Is That a Guantlet We See There On The Ground?


Vurny Ziegler

It suddenly came to me like a bolt from the blue. While looking at a picture of Joy Sue McArthur, it dawned on me that the colors of Jefferson was [SIC] blue and white.

The mascot was pegasus, the mythological winged horse.

Its sure amazing what can develop from seeing Joy Sue McArther. (My wife doesn't know I can spell so don't tell her I wrote this)

Dear Colt, a/k/a Spelling Watchdog

Joy Sue ’s E-Mail Address is listed on our front page - and her BIG husband can read!

For more dependable dawnings as to Jefferson’s colors, you should go back to the developing room and ponder pictures of Donna Doss - Willa Dean Abbott & Jack Warner.

Take your seat at the back with Charlie Bob Neale.


- This may confirm Carolyn's opinion of the trustworthiness of Colt Reports!



I just got an e-mail from someone I hadn't seen or heard from since college. Don Brewington, class of either 57 or 58, probably the latter, just sent me a nice e-mail from Alice, TX....said he got my e-mail address from our class web site. Isn't that great.

Jack Warner

P.S. Don was related to Bill Wesson, a cousin, I think. Also was an all-state football player for the Wolves.

Sincere Thanks for Sharing - Purpose of The website is to try to get old friends and acquaintances together.

From the tone of many of the letters posted many E-Mails have been exchanged for the first time.

As has been suggested, after the runion we intend to keep the website open as a posting place for announcements - new addresses - new E-Mail Addresses, births, deaths, etc.

Of course there won't be any wisecracks from the Editor then -it will largely be sustained by classmates with occaisional updates by staff.

Nor would we be so presumptious to believe that checking in would ever be a part of anyone's daily ritual - but we believe that if used by classmates it could help us all stay in contact with each other.

Maybe, even some of our Lost Souls will stumble across us while surfing!

Life's too short to just say howdy every five years!


From: Jack H. Warner

Best I can remember, Jefferson's colors were blue and gold . . . don't remember any mascot.


Agrees With Donna - Disagrees With The Youngster, Bob Neale.


Charlie Bob Neale - Class of 1956

Jefferson was blue and white.

Why in the world are you leaving out Irving?

Johnnie Meeks would be crushed!

Charlie Bob Neale

It's obvious you didn't do your reading assignment - we didn't ignore Irving.

Bill Routh has told us that Irving's Mascot was the "Whippetts" - Though he did leave out the school colors. Of course he was too interested in 'bullet bras' to really be of much help.

Donna Doss and Willa Dean Abbott say Jefferson's colors were blue and gold!

Bussey, Ziegler and that bunch don't seem to know for sure.


Tue, 11 Jul 2000 20:06:48 EDT
Carol (Decker) Fuller

Subject: Re: class of 55 Reunion

Hello to all '55 classmates! It's been nice keeping in touch with some of you throughout the years.

Thanks to computers and e-mails we now have the means for closer contact.

Where did shorthand and typewriters go? Would Beryl Korb approve? And to think I wanted to be a shorthand teacher! I should invest in more stocks too, huh? Not!!

I had a letter from Ruth Ann Duffield today. She and husband are retired and living in Virginia.

Remember her wonderful pencil portraits??? What a gift! We'll get them to the next reunion I hope!

It is nice corresponding with my old friend, Lola Gregory D'Orazio. What a hoot she was and is.

All those kids! That takes some special woman to raise all them...and what a great job she's done!

I remember when she hid a baby possum in her shirt and took it to school so she could feed it at recess....(a nurturing instinct even then).

Lola: remember those cigars we tried? Blue gills and all!!! UGH!

Ed Scheihing and his lovely wife, Rozine, came to our house for dinner this March. Hadn't seen him since high school. What a treat! I'm still sorry I rolled your truck, Ed! They are a lovely couple and, I understand, will attend the reunion with Jim Morton and his wife.

I have been in the manufacturing environment for most of my life. First at Sylvania (Twice) then some years as a buyer for Demco, an oilfield valve manufacturer, then into Industrial Supplies as a buyer, then, inside and outside sales.

That is where I met my husband, Bob. He is a competitor but we still get along! We are three days apart in age so we are ready to retire together. Don't know if that's good or bad. We will see!

Anyway we are settling into our new home in OKC so come see us at: 8313 NW 71st, OKC 73132 Phone: (405-773-5904)

Call anytime! We are preparing to retire, hopefully, by December 31st. It's about time. This old bod does not want to respond to that 6:00 a.m. wake-up call anymore. Where did the years to??

We are planning one of those cruises to Alaska next summer. We hear it's awsome! We are both Northeners so we'll fit right in!

Feedback, please, if anyone has been on this trip. We'd like pointers! Although we are not planning on attending this year's reunion, I certainly hope that we'll make the next one. Have fun for me! ....

Carol (Decker) Fuller

Considering some Jeffersonian's special love for P Words, We'll let them spell check for possum !

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Date: Fri, 7 Jul 2000 12:07:54 -0500 From: Carl Freeman
Subject: Vogler-Milstead info - Donna DOSS Wilson Inquiry

Hi Donna; (informational copy to Reunion)

I probably was Tommy Vogler most frequent friend. His mother was a Milstead girl - good looking lady.

Checking records it appears that Avery Milstead died last year at the age of 92. Mr. Milstead probably guided and counseled Tommy quite a bit. Mr. Milstead lived very privately at 1113 Farrell - the small house could not be seen from the road. He was an avid "ham radio"operator and book collector. I bought some binoculars (for stargazing) for him when I was in Japan and my youngest brother gave him some of my books.

Tommy received that renewable scholarship to U of Chicago, skipping 11th and 12th grade. For the last few years he has been a professor at U of Calif at Santa Cruz. I corresponded with him some but eventually lost touch, but usually when in town I would contact him or sometimes Mr. Milstead.

Donald, Tommy's older brother had skipped the 11th and 12th grades on a sholarship to Yale.

Will see you at the reunion.

Carl freeman

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Date: Sun, 2 Jul 2000 11:17:37 -0400
From: "George C. McKinnis"

Joe: the Bio part of my essay in which I reference my spiritually uplifting encounter with an elephant on a bridge over Old Dehli: an extra year in the Army during the Berlin crisis has crept in - a duplication. Could you be so kind as to expunge that extra reference, certainly not written by me. Also, multiple words have letters dropped.

I am not convinced that you are doing this intentionally, and want you to be very careful. I might let the Shawnee Baptist Church know about your experiences at OBU in stealth costume at night.

Thanks for the cleanup,


PS, although Marlene did not initially sign up, she will be with me if her Mother in Germany is OK.

Her Mother has terminal cancer and we do not know how long she can last. Marlene is with her now for two weeks. I am checking into a week long golf school while she is gone.

I am looking for my SHS photos, but stored them years ago in a place that is eluding me so far.


All of us express our sincerest sympathy to Marlene and her family. Our prayers go with her.


We were thinking of dropping the elephant piece. It's readership interest seems to be limited to an audience of one - and all he does is gripe!!! -

( Merrill did show a fleeting interest, but he seems to have disappeared )


Also - it appears highly improbable that the person appearing topless in the Senior Trip Photos Senior Trip ever met a real elephant!

P.S. - P.S.

What is SW??????

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From: Shirley NORTHCUTT Bland

These are from the Chocotawhatchie High School 40th Reunion - author unknown.

Use if you have a place for.




  • In a hostage situation you are likely to be released first. -
  • It's harder and harder for sexual harassment charges to stick. -
  • Kidnappers are not very interested in you. -
  • No one expects you to run into a burning building. -
  • People call at 9 p.m. and ask, "Did I wake you?" -
  • People no longer view you as a hypochondriac. -
  • There's nothing left to learn the hard way. -
  • Things you buy now won't wear out. -
  • You buy a compass for the dash of your car. -
  • You can eat dinner at 4:00 -
  • You can live without sex but not without glasses. -
  • You can't remember the last time you laid on the floor to watch television. -
  • You consider coffee one of the most important things in life. -
  • You constantly talk about the price of gasoline. -
  • You enjoy hearing about other people's operations. -
  • You get into a heated argument about pension plans. -
  • You got cable for the weather channel. -
  • You have a party and the neighbors don't even realize it. -
  • You no longer think of speed limits as a challenge. -
  • You quit trying to hold your stomach in, no matter who walks into the room. -
  • You send money to PBS. -
  • You sing along with the elevator music. -
  • You talk about "good grass" and you're referring to someone's lawn. -
  • Your arms are almost too short to read the newspaper. -
  • Your back goes out more than you do. - Your eyes won't get much worse. -
  • Your investment in health insurance is finally beginning to pay off. -
  • Your joints are more accurate than the National Weather Service. -
  • Your secrets are safe with your friends because they can't remember them either. -
  • Your supply of brain cells is finally down to a manageable size.

For Us It's Free Coffee at Braums - and
a Senior's Card at Panchos that gets us 20% off!

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Tue, 27 Jun 2000 15:14:54 -0500
From: VURNY Ziegler

Re: Spelling and other things

I've kept my mouth shut long enough.

When I was in Jefferson, I was taught that bacteria in decaying matter produced several compounds, some of which were poisonous.

These were called ptomaine.

Now, I discover that the foreigners who went to Wilson spelled it tomaine.

Three cheers for the teachers from Jefferson who knew how to spell.

Much Love, the spelling watchdog

It's Late - We'll Respond ptomorrow!


It's Not Nice To Mess With The Ptop Gun On This Website!

In the Meantime We're Going to go home -
and have a bacon and ptomato sandwich

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From: James Morton

I will be there on Saturday July 22, hope to register if you haven't closed down.

I assume I can pay you then.

If you see or here from Don Nelson, you might ask him about the dance lessons we took to learn the Dirty Bop!

So long ago it's a little fuzzy.

But the trips to Oklahoma City are clear. He should recall.

We Do Remember the Dirty Bop - And How the Teen Town Mothers Objected!

But Don WHO??? - The Don Nelson We Know doesn't seem to be able to recall Much of Anything!

We Understand the poor guy is taking some sort of memory pill - Via . . . , something or other - But He Can't Remember Why!

Doubt if He could Remember What the Dirty Bop Was All About! - Or Why It Was Called Dirty!


They say in his lucid moments that he remembers
Dirty Bop as Barney's Buddy - in Need of a Bath!

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Sat, 24 Jun 2000 16:13:39
Ernest A Nelson

Hi my name is Ernest Nelson, I just wanted to tell you a few things which I have lived through for the past many years.

Earlene (Dame) Nelson and I have been married for approximately 44 years, we met in High School and Church in Shawnee in the early fifties.

Earlene is a graduate of your class and has been a wonderful mother of 3 girls and I boy. Our children have turned out to be the best.

The reason I am writing this letter is because I to was in your class as you can tell from the Caldron, some of you people were in my class at Horse Man School also. However, When I was in the fifth grade, due to not having a family I went into the Baptist Orphan's Home, when I became of age I had a choice to return to Shawnee, I was in the 10th Grade, I completed the 10th and the 11th, but with me working nights at the Shawnee Mill and working 12 hour shifts when I was in the 12th grade, I found it difficult to do that and complete school. So I am what you would call a drop out.

When I quit school I joined the USAF. After I was in the Air Force for about a year, Earlene and I got married. After we were married for about 4 months, I had a tour in Japan, I was with the 16th AACS, which was called to Korea, after the tour I returned to the good old USA, Earlene and I were stationed in Cheyenne Wyoming for the rest of my 4 year term.

When we got back to Oklahoma, I went to work at Tinker AFB where I retired from in 1993. (36 years). I retired a GS12, Supervisor Management Analyst. But during my tour at Tinker I was in many different fields, I was a Engineering Technician for a few years, then became the Senior Lead Engineer and changed jobs under a pacer span enhancement. So the last 13 years was a Analysis supervisor in Man Power.

I have really missed being part of the Graduating Class of 55, but remember most of you and so glad I was part of your life. I did take the GED test and have lots of College Hours, but no degree, I still communicate with some of you and wish I could have been part of the Graduating Class of 55.

I hope all of you were blessed as well as I was and I thank God each day for the Happiness Earlene and I have shared these short 44 years. Take care of yourself and maybe Earlene and I can come to the next reunion.

Ernie Nelson

Thanks for Sharing, but please Remember -
Some of Our Favorite Grads are Honorary - Ask Ziegler!

Of Course 45 Years Ago You'd Have Got Shot For Poaching On Our Women!

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Dear Classmates,

I received the test on my e-mail address. The correct address is

The Baptist Mission of Uganda changed from the server they were using when I first came so that address is no longer good.

It was That address is obsolete. I did receive some mail forwarded to me from that address but I believe it is no longer possible to receive e-mail from that address. I am receiving mail from other classmates and that is wonderful. Some I have not heard from in years. It always makes my day to receive my e-mail. It is such fun to receive from all over the World. I have friends with the International Mission Board that are serving everywhere. Some in areas where I cannot send e-mail to them.

I hope that you received the e-mail I sent last week. It was about a trip I took to Kenya. If not please let me know and I will re-send. I had a wonderful time on Safari to the Masai Mara Game Park. I cannot access the www from Jinja. I am trying to get a lap top computer so when I am in Kampala I can log on to the internet.

I do not go to Kampala often, and refuse to drive there. Traffic is the most frightening experience I have ever had in Kampala. It is bad enough in Jinja a much smaller city. Phone service and electricity is very unreliable here in Uganda. Sometimes when the server is down messages are dropped. If anyone sends me e-mail and does not receive a reply in a few days, they can be sure I probably did not receive the message.

My link with America is e-mail. I love hearing from anyone. I do receive mail but it takes anywhere from two weeks to a month Airmail here in Jinja. It is called "Snail Mail". I received mail Tuesday that had been mailed April 4th.

Just wanted to let you know that I did receive your e-mail and am looking forward to anything you can send. I can access attachments, but forwards take a very long time to download, and I do call long distance to Kampala everytime I send. I cannot access cards, etc. I am sorry about that because I have been sent several, just can't look at them.

I am sorry to miss the reunion. I am looking forward to receiving the Class Picture. I hope you all have a very wonderful time.

May your day be surprised by joy and happiness.

IN HIS GRIP, Love and prayers,

Pat Coffman Robertson

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From: Avis Rosamond Simon


Yes, I am definitely coming!!

I am trying to find the phone number of the motel to get a room but I can't find it anywhere.

Name and number, please, and other grads away for a long time might need it. Think I've gone through everything on the web page and can't find the letter you sent.

Thanks, need today as soon as possible.

Have a great day and keep up the good work.


The Ramada Inn
I-40 at North Harrision
Phone: 405-275-4404

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From: Bill Tiffany
Date: Wed, 14 Jun 2000 20:24:00 EDT
Dear Friends, Colleagues, and Family

Moving to Dallas--

At the end of June, Lise and I will leave the San Francisco Bay area and relocate in Dallas, Texas.

I have accepted an offer to join the Patent Department of Fulbright & Jaworski, a large and well established law firm..

We are excited about the new job, ownership of a home, and the chance to be close to our two sons. Our new home address is:

12501 Montego Plaza, Dallas, TX 75230; Phone 972-387-2021.

As Martha Suggested - After the Reunion We Intend to Leave the Sign In Page Open So Grads can Post New Addresses - New Jobs - New E-Mails - New Stuff - Just Like Bill's

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From: Don Nelson

I think it is fitting that the committee selected June "teenth" for the next meeting date.

Will you be serving red beans and greens?

Remember that date. - It is observed widely in Texas.

Thanks for all the great emails.

Huge Yawn!

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From: Bob Neale - Class of 1956
Date: Wed, 14 Jun 2000 10:35:24 EDT
Subject: Re: class of 55 Reunion Committee Meeting





Most of the Committee being grandparents, we welcome the company of small children - if potty trained and if they mind their manners.

Have mommy send lunch money!

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From: Jack H. Warner

I can't be at the meeting on 6/19...but good luck.

Bill Wesson's e-mail address at work is

In my earlier epistles, I mentioned some of the infamous people I have encountered...some others I forgot:

I did shake hands with president Reagan, and I played tennis with Bubba Knight ( yes, one of the Pips and brother to Gladys Knight) .

You have been on a crusade against blah writings, and I'm sure that my responses have been among the most blah....let me nominate myself for the most blah appearance on the internet.

You can find my photo ( in black and white, no less ) by visiting and clicking on faculty and staff, locating my name, clicking, and you'll find a very blah picture of me (unfortunately, it also is a good resemblance )


Sorry Jack - You're not even getting honorable mention for the Blah award.

There's just too much Blah in contention to make you a competitor - and so far OSU is ahead in that competition, hands down!

You may, however, be in the running with McKinnis and Freeman for the ‘Guts' Award for publishing a current picture!.

See their websites!

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Patty Robertson
High School Name: Pat COFFMAN


Safari to Masai Mara Game Park


Coming to Africa has opened up my life. It has been one massive, emotional blur of color, heat, cold, the animals of God's Creation and the poignant joy one has from all the beauty, yet sadness at the poverty. But, proud that they maintain their way of life for the most part. I could be frantic about the smallest things before I came to Uganda. Uganda has given me a totally different perspective, a different idea of time, and perhaps how it should be spent.

If something cannot be accomplished, there is always tomorrow. Acuna matata. Yes, that is Swahili for "no worries" and it is used here. It is not just a phrase from "The Lion King".

The Luganda word for it is "tofuyu".

There is a thousand mingled scents, some good, some very bad. I ask that you pray that I will spend this time God has given me looking for joy and overlooking obstacles. Pray that I may not miss an opportunity to share "The Good News" with anyone that God gives me the opportunity. Pray that I will always be open to the awe-inspiring "God-Moments." In the past week there have been many.

Last week I was privileged to go to Nairobi, Kenya and visit the Masai Market and the Masai Mara Game Park with Leisel Boyd, a J-Man I work with, and her friend Abigail Smith from America. We left Jinja on Wednesday afternoon 31, May and drove to Tororo where we spent the night in a Hotel.

My very first experience staying in an African Hotel. It was an experience to say the least. The room was very small, the bath room gross. No lid on the toilet seat, but T.I.A, "this is Africa".

James a J-man that lives in Tororo took us out for an African dinner. We left Leisel's vehicle at his house. We were collected the next morning, but a Matatu, (Taxi). It was a 7 passenger van. It was a special hire so there were only the three of us and 4 Ugandan's that work for the Company. They were delightful and to our relief very safe drivers. Crossing the Border at Mlaba into Kenya was uneventful. However, you cannot believe the trucks and how close they are parked and the narrow space you have to go between vehicles. You think there is no way, but somehow they squeeze through without touching. We stopped for lunch in Eldoret. We did have a puncture on the way just before dark. That was a little unnerving, as the spare was also flat. Michael, the driver caught a ride into Nukuru, the next town on a big truck. He was gone a very long time and Joseph, was getting very nervous. He stopped a car and asked them to take us into Nukuru to a Hotel to wait there. Sarah, his daughter went with us. We had just settled in the Restaurant for a cup of tea when the lights went out. Shortly after Joseph, Michael and Weswa (Weswa means twin in Luganda) came looking for us and when he did not find us in the Hotel Lobby, he was scared. He came to he restaurant and when he found us drinking tea and we invited him join us, he grabbed his shirt over his heart and said, "How can I take tea when my heart is beating so?"

I saw my first Zebra on the roadside as we drove along. The stars were so close and so beautiful. You just cannot imagine how many. We crossed the Equator between Nukuru and Nairobi. We arrived safely at The Hampton House in Narobi. Our "people" promised to "collect" us promptly at 7:00 am on Tuesday,6,June. The Hampton House is where I thought I would be, and I still may be going there. I talked with Carol Euing the Hostess and she will be teaching at RVA, and may need help.

It is a beautiful place and so clean and nice compared to the Hotel we stayed in at Tororo. On Friday we went to the Masai Market to shop. There were many, many arts and crafts. You must negotiate with them to get their "best price". If you think it is too much and walk away, if they come after you they will come down. I always get confused when there is much too choose from.

On Saturday we were "collected" by Gypsy Tours and drove to Masai Mara Game Park. There are Mountains and we stopped at a Lookout to view the Great Rift Valley. It reminded me of Utah, but many more trees. We stopped for Diesel and the rest rooms (CHU} is an experience. It was just a hole in the ground. We arrived at The Intrepid Hotel about lunch time, which in Africa is 2:00 PM, We were greeted with a glass of cold orange juice and introduced to the Manager, The Masai Naturalist, and our room Steward. We were taken to our "room", which was a permanent tent with beds with surrounding mosquito nets (just like in the movies). A full bathroom with shower and hot water. We were then escorted to lunch by our steward, Joseph. At 3:30 PM to 6:30 PM we went out on our first Safari and saw many animals. Dinner was all African food. Some good some not so good.

You just have to pray the Missionary prayer, "Lord, I will put it down, if You will keep it down."

We were entertained by Masai Warriors dancing, doing their grunting and jumping. It is amazing how high they can jump.

We were escorted back to our room where the beds had been turned down and a hot water bottle (purple no less) had been placed in each bed. It gets very cold at night, which surprised me.

The guard, also Joseph, escorted us to our tent, we learned he was one of the Warriors that performed. Very interesting young man. He spoke English very well and has traveled some. David, the Naturalist, also a Warrior, spoke very good English. We heard a lecture by him and were able to buy souvenirs directly from him. Leisel, Abby and I were the only ones he sold too, just because we asked and we talked to them and were able to use some Swahili words with them. None of the other guests said much to them, at least while we were around. Leisel speaks many more words than I do. She has been in Jinja a little over a year. Abby is visiting her from Georgia. I bought two Shuka's (the wrap they wear) they were new, the necklace, a beaded belt, three beaded bracelets and a beaded war club, all used by him).

When David learned we lived in Uganda, he asked if we worked with the American Embassy and I was able to tell him that we were Missionaries with the Baptist Union of Uganda. He was very interested and a great opportunity for me to share a little with him. He said the Masai believe in God, but I'm not sure if he really knows the "Good News". The Masai believe they own all the cattle in the world and they go raiding to get more. He said the last time he went on a raid 36 Masai boys went and only 4 returned because the ones they were raiding used guns against them. They use only clubs and spears. He decided that was enough for him and that is when he went to work at the Hotel.

To become a Warrior they have to be one of the first four to kill a male lion with a spear. It is better to be the one to spear him first. David went out four times before he was in the top four and that time he was first. The Masai are Nomads and eat no vegetables and do not grow any gardens etc. The Masai men have two cups of milk in the morning and a cup of cow blood in the evening. Sometimes they eat roots, wild berries, figs and things that grow wild. Their homes are made of cow dung and surrounded by thorn bushes like you see in "Out of Africa" movie.

We were able to visit a Masai village on the way out but that is getting ahead of my story. We went out on Safari twice on Sunday and could have gone again in the afternoon, but opted to rest as it was very hot. We saw many animals everything but a Rhino. We saw four of the big five. They baited a leopard in on Sunday night. She was beautiful. Joseph the guard said the male would come, but we were very tired and it seemed the female had eaten all the bait, so we called it a day. We saw many elephants, lions, (one Pride with 17 in it) hippos, even one out of the water, zebra, ostrich, tomas gazelle, wildebeast, giraffe, Silver backed jackal and silver backed foxes, hartebeast, cape buffalo cheetah, eland, spotted hyena, bush babies, baboons, reedbuck, topi, kob, waterbuck, wart hogs and many beautiful birds and trees.

It was cloudy and the sunset and sunrise right at the Equator was awesome. That is a special place and I hope to return many times. We went our on our last Safari on Monday morning at 6:30 am, we saw a pride of lion that were feeding. We were disappointed because we did not get to see the kill. They had killed a cape buffalo.

Our Guide, a Kukuri, said it was rare to see a kill. Also he said the Rhino had migrated into Zaire and were almost impossible to see this time of year. The Wildebeast migrate in the thousands in August. He said the best way to view them is from a Hot Air Balloon. There were several balloons in the air every morning we went out.

Ok we just went out two mornings, but went out four times in all. Every time it was awesome and we loved it.

We saw one lioness with four cubs. They were very young and so cute. We wanted one each, but our guide said no. HA!!! We were the only three in the vehicle we were in. It had the raised top and we could see everything and were so close to all the animals. I took lots of pictures and hope some are good. I wish I had invested in a good camera.

We returned to Nairobi on Monday and I was able to have dinner with Audrey and Ray Huber (MLC) friends that are in Nairobi doing the same thing I am here in Jinja.

Tues. we were "collected" by our Matutu and started the journey back to Uganda. Joseph had trouble at one point with the Kenyan Police but he and Sarah talked their way out of it and we journeyed on. We stopped at the Equator and Joseph and Sarah got good prices for us for the souvenirs we bought. They just told them what we would pay. It was quite amusing. We have decided we will take Sarah shopping with us in Kampala. We arrived back in Tororo just before dark. We bid farewell to our Tour Guides and would use them again. The trip was fun with them and they kept us laughing and enjoying the commentary on the journey with all the places of interest along the way. Joseph would always say, "Madames" and with the very bumpy road he would say, "Oh I need my penidol"(asperin) They were very safe drivers, helping us to see not all Matutu drivers are reckless and scary. We had dinner and spent the night with the Listrom's, fellow missionaries.

On Wednesday we went to the Bush to a church dedication at Lumino Village. That was quite interesting as I had never been to one. It was quite long and the benches with no backs get very hard. We left Lumino in time to get back to Jinja before dark. We saw baboons along the road just outside of Busia. We arrived safely in Jinja just before dark. Weary, but happy to have had the privilege of going.

This is the story of my first Safari in Africa and I must close as this is much too long. I miss you lots, love your always. May your day be surprised by Joy and Happiness.

In His Grip,

Love and Prayers, Pat

P.S. Next Saturday, 20 June I have been invited to a picnic with the US Ambassador to Uganda at the Source of the Nile River. That will be interesting. My, what adventures I am having.

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From: "Warner, Jack H"
[ Exerpts ]


I'm finally replying to your e-mail of 5/23. Yes, I have noticed that you posted my last rambling. You asked for e-mail for Wesson, Routh, etc.

I don't know Wesson's e-mail, we exchange Christmas cards each year ( Bill's wife Rosalie was a sorority sister of my wife), but I can and will get his e-mail for you, but it might take a couple of days. I have a couple of IBM friends in OKC that can track that down for me. I don't have a clue about Routh...haven't seen him since one of our re-unions ( think it might have been the first one ) and he was in Florida at the time.

I was on the OSU campus the last week of April and stopped by Fowler's office . . .it was Friday and he wasn't in . . . none of us are on Fridays, and of course, I wasn't in my office either. Fowler is married to one of my wife's sorority sisters. . .and I mentioned in my last note that Porter's wife is Elaine's sorority sister as well . . . we're all one big happy family.

I would be happy and try and keep Fowler and Porter from turning into frogs. . . what does one have to do (or not do) to be turned into frogs?

Several years ago I tried to get Fowler to come to one of the re-unions. I don't think he has made any of them. His excuse was that he was always out of the state (vacation) when they were scheduled. I think he waits and schedules his vacation so that he can avoid the re-unions.

Ross is a different story. . .once baseball season starts, he's on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. He always asks about the re-unions, etc, but the reunion would have to scheduled during the winter for him to attend, and he's under contract for several more years yet.

His wife recently came back here to attend one of her ( Duncan highschool ) re-unions. Maybe you could invite his brother Peter (still lives in Shawnee) to sit in for him.

I got a real nice note from Carl Freeman following my last posting.

Please keep up the good work, and I'll try and help out in any way I can.

I think this web site is THE BEST!


Editor's Note:

Re - Frog Trick - Your references to Mr. Fowler / Mr. Porter & How to Keep Them From Being Turned into Frogs!


Thanks for your help locating Wesson's E-Mail:

Also, Thanks For Your Concern about Fowler and Porter Being turned into frogs!

We do have a resident ‘wicked witch' who does the Spell casting!.

We really don't know who she is, but suspect that at one time she was a ‘little lovely', but time has not been kind and we cannot recognize her - She is no longer either ‘little' or ‘lovely'!

Her Spell is to turn horny toads, of either gender, into frogs - only those classmates that we know have access to the internet - but who have not sent in any type of messages!

Fowler and Porter are both safe from being turned into frogs - they have each sent a message of sorts.

That should relieve your mind about the fate of your friends.

However, both of these gentlemen are in contention for the BLAH award..

Messages are judged for content, or lack thereof - lack of creativity - lack of imagination - lack of information - lack of innovation - and underwhelming dullness!

Fowler and Porter have both exhibited these attributes and qualities to the highest level by their submissions.

We have notified OSU and Dodger Baseball about the nominations, and can only hope that the qualifications necessary to receive the BLAH award are not reflected in their present positions.

On the other hand - should information reveal that brothers Routh and Wesson have E-Mail, and internet access - Then they may be in danger!

P.S. - Fowler did attend the 1990 Reunion - He's in the picture on that page. He is also depicted as one of our Senior Studs on the Senior Trip page.

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Avis Nadine Simon (Rosamond)
Work: 211 11th Street
Idaho Falls, Idaho 83404
(208) 529-1823
Ssorry, but what is URL?
No fax at home (guess it's on my computer, but haven't figured it out)


YES, at this point. (Said I wouldn't come since I've gained weight, but may.....)


Who is receiving this?

The reunion group sounds fun! Enjoyed getting the information. As far as I know, I will be coming. Will send money as soon as I'm sure.

I now have a grandchild !! Stephanie has a 2 year old son, Devereaux. (Like Jack Devereaux on "Days of Our Lives," ) Believe me, he's the apple of Grandma's eye.

He was born 6 weeks prematurely while she was visiting me. Brown eyes and black curly hair, looks a lot like Steph, except for coloring. He's big for his age, going into a size 4 toddler. They live in San Deigo and I plan to go this weekend to babysit for a month while she takes a class in music for early childhood development, the area she wants to degree in.

My oldest, Melanie is engaged but never married. She's doing well as a real estate broker in Seattle. I really like her fiance, Rick. Sadly, she's not in a hurry to marry.

My son, Ran, also never married, lives in Pensacola, Florida. I am hoping to visit him on my trip down that way this summer. Steph, Dev and I plan to drive down.

I am still working as a middle school art teacher and can retire in two years, if I choose. I love my job so don't know. My retired friends are really encouraging me to join them. Would like to have more time to paint, etc.

Info as follows:

Avis Nadine Simon (Rosamond)

No spouse. Was engaged for a couple of years to my ex-husband, Jim Simon, but decided not to get married. Started seeing him the day after last '55 reunion party when he agreed to take me to OKC to pick up our daughter, Stephanie. Romantic, but not to be.

My life is exciting, as education always is. Last summer, worked in a INEEL site program (nuclear site) and worked with Jason project. Founder of "Jason," Bob Ballard, was the discoverer of the Titanic and is bringing on site science to school students. It was very interesting, fun and enlightening.

Melanie has had a few one man shows of my art work in Seattle and I sell a few paintings along. Have some really good friends in Seattle in the arts.

Spent a few summers helping her with the Magnolia Arts Festival.

Own a standard poodle, Donovan and have a Siamese cat, Seymour. Have had Donovan for two years, and he and Seymour are finally beginning to tolerate each other. Have had to extricate Seymour, screaming, from Donovan's mouth a couple of times but no physical harm done.

Well, must close.

Who's on the committee this year? And what's been going on?

Hope to see everyone!

Love, Avis

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From: Joe McKimmey


Lorene's letter reminded me of an 'after high school story' about Joe Braswell!

It was early June or July, 1956, the year the Marines celebrated the 175th anniversary of the Corps.

I was the night manager of ‘Blacketts', a 19 cent hamburger joint on the Vegas Strip just a couple of blocks North of the Sahara - ( McDonald's is on that location now ).

During my shift, ( 11:00 P.M. to 7:.00 A.M ) our regulars were the showgirls going home; the maids going to work; the lounge acts closing down - and on that early morning, a half dozen of the local punks had dropped by to raise cain at the picnic tables outside by the street, which was the ‘Strip'.

All 125 pounds of me foolishly marched indignantly out the front door to shooo them away.

They apparently feared neither God, the mob, nor me!

Being an honor student in High School, it didn't take long for me to realize that I was definitely outgunned, when they began to crowd around me.

Suddenly, out of nowhere there was a voice - "These guys giving you trouble, Joe?".

Following the voice was the biggest, brawniest, most beautiful Marine in dress blues - white hat and all, but no sabre!

With one hand the Marine picked up one of the young gentlemen by his shirt, and literally tossed him across a picnic table.

As fast as Joe was - he wasn't fast enough to grab the others who went running up the Strip, leaving their wounded buddy on the pavement between the tables.

I don't remember how long we talked, or what we talked about after the Marine had secured the beachead - nor even whether I bought him a hamburger.

It was the First time I'd seen Joe Braswell since graduation a year before, and although we probably said we'd see each other later - we never did.

Thanks again, Joe!

[ Joe Braswell Is Still On 'Lost List' - Can You Help! ]

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From: LoRene (Seckel) Akins

RE: Missing class members

Erlene (Dame) Nelson
10 Oakridge
McLoud, OK 74851


When I saw Minnie Lee Lundsford and Joe Braswell ( I think they married ) on the missing person list I remembered this funny story.

I was a Junior and dated Joe, supposedly steady, and Minnie Lea dated dated Bob Wirth (class of 54).

One Saturday night Joe told me he was going to work on a car with Bob; and Minnie Lea told Bob she was going somewhere with me. Bob called me looking for Minnie Lea. Now I wasn't great in algebra, but between Bob and me, we could add this one ( Joe ) plus one (Minnie Lea ) and know it didn't add up so Bob and I started driving until we found them in a passionate embrace in front of Minnie Lea's house..

Needless to say they weren't expecting us and the last expression I can remember was a shocked one.

I hope it worked out as well for them as it did for Bob and I.

Bob married Mary Jane Craig a wonderful woman and raised a lovely family in the Dale Community; and of course not long after that I met the redhead from Bethel who became my husband.

Doris Ann Davenport Morgan has children in this area. John Morgan in the North Rock Creek area is her son. Doris did live here and worked for the Dept. of Agriculture but I am not certain where she is now I will keep checking.

[ Doris Found Us - Letter on Another Page ]

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From: LoRene ( Seckel ) Akins



I finished my class work for graduation at midterm and got married in January. (my mother had always said I had to finish high school before I could get married ).

My new husband Jack Akins was a student at OBU and I went to work for Fred Wolf at National Life Insurance in the Masonic Temple Building as a secretary. We came to a mutual understanding that I was not the person for that job when I mailed each agent in our district a letter with Assistant Manager abbreviated Ass Mgr.

I was so eager to get out of school but found myself in college the fall of 1956 and either in school or teaching until 1991 when I retired from the teaching faculty at Gordon Cooper Technology Center. I taught business. In fact, I went through school withdrawal and went back to teach adult short courses.

Jack and I have lived in three states and have three children. Julia our oldest was born in Oklahoma.

Our move to Colorado where Jack and I both taught brought Jack, Jr. (Bud)'. and Missouri brought us Timothy.

We moved back to Oklahoma and Jack went to work for the Government so I could afford to teach.

Life has given me so much. It has been very full. I grew up a few blocks from Oklahoma Baptist University not knowing college was for people like me.

My mother was a widow with no education and I was a welfare child. People were always kind to me. Ann Baker's grandfather took me to a father daughter banquet and bought me flowers. Mr. Brokaw made a special effort to be kind to me.

I still see Bill Malone and Christine Reynolds, two great human beings, they don't seem to be any older than when I was in high school. Teaching gave me sense of giving back and I think I was blessed with a unique background that helped me understand all the students.

Jack and I will celebrate our 46th anniversary of our marriage - love affair - and friendship in January. He retired from FAA then served a sentence as Pottawatomie County Commissioner.

I was hit in the eye in a freak accident in 1986 and finally lost the eye. It has been one of those things that slow you down. Friends and loved ones rallied and I kept going.

We have been blessed with six grandchildren and one great grand child.

Retirement has enabled me to really enjoy these special people. We have three teenage grandchildren now and I got to help the older two get ready for their proms. Jack and I have traveled some in retirement.

I served as the first state president of the American Association of Retired Persons in Oklahoma and a delegate to the last White House Conference on Aging.

When I look in the mirror I know I am 64 years old but I still feel like that silly girl walking down the halls of Shawnee High School.

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Re: - Mystery of 54 swimming party at the English home


I have been retained (damn small fee) to investigate what actually happened at the now famous swimming party.

After interviewing a great number of the class of 55 I've finally been able to pin down the identity of the now famous girl in the inner tube and the three boys peeking over the fence.

At last, the mysterious girl was none other than our own Rhoda Grady.

The mysterious peepers were, Albert Crawford, Steve Keller, and the well known user of VIAGRA, Don Nelson.

These findings have all been authenticated from information found on the wall of the men's bathroom in the basement of the Cowboy Hall of Fame.



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Shirley Northcutt

A forward from another Golden Older Subject: I'm a Senior Citizen:


I'm a Senior Citizen!

  • I'm the life of the party...even when it lasts 'till 8pm.
  • I'm very good at opening childproof caps with a hammer
  • I'm usually interested in going home before I get to where I'm going.
  • I'm good on a trip for at least an hour without my aspirin, antacid.
  • I'm the first one to find the bathroom wherever I go.
  • I'm awake many hours before my body allows me to get up.
  • I'm smiling all the time because I can't hear a word you're saying.
  • I'm very good at telling stories...over and over and over and over.
  • I'm aware that other people's grandchildren are not as bright as mine.
  • I'm so cared for: long-term care, eye care, private care, dental care.
  • I'm not grouchy, I just don't like traffic, waiting, children, politicians.
  • I'm positive I did housework correctly before the Internet.
  • I'm sure everything I can't find is in a secure place
  • I'm wrinkled, saggy and lumpy, and that's just my left leg.
  • I'm having trouble remembering simple words like...uh....
  • I'm realizing that aging is not for sissies.
  • I'm walking more (to the bathroom) and enjoying it less.
  • I'm sure they are making adults much younger these days.
  • I'm in the initial state of my golden years: SS, CD's, IRA's, AARP.
  • I'm wondering: if you're only as old as you feel, how could I still be alive at 150?
  • I'm anti-everything now: anti-fat, anti-smoke, anti-noise, anti-inflammatory.
  • I'm supporting all movements now. . .by eating bran, prunes and raisins.
  • I'm a walking storeroom of facts...I've just lost the key to the storeroom

I'm a Senior Citizen and I think I am having the time of my life. . . Aren't I???


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Name Jack Warner

More stuff (mostly random thoughts) from Jack Warner


What a great class. Anyone reading the accomplishments of this class would be amazed. And some (read MOST) of the members of this class are pretty decent folk, too. It is a real honor to be able to say that I was a member of that class. AND WE HAVE OUR OWN WEB SITE! The MBA folk here at OU are planning to put up a common web site for all of the MBA classes in order that classmates can keep track of their peers. When I mentioned that my highschool class had our own web site, I saw looks of amazement. And all of this done by people that when in highschool couldn’t spell “www”. My thanks to all of you.

I know that several people have mentioned Josie and JG Hill for the influences that those 2 teachers had on their lives…I agree, but would need to add Evelyn Martin to the list. I think that she was the first to get me excited about mathematics. I think her “trig” class was the most fun I had of any class at SHS.

Of course, fellow students, Billy Ben, Billy George, Billy Dan, Billy Routh, Billy Wesson, and other Billy’s helped make it fun.


My most fond memories of college at OSU frequently involved SHS classmates. I know that Brandt May & Billy G Brown were a little envious that I didn’t have to take those hard “engineering” courses that kept them up all night studying in Bennett and North Murray Hall.

Bill Wesson and I took the easier way out, majoring in mathematics (we both stayed around long enough to get master’s degrees…Read : couldn’t get a job). Brandt will find it difficult to believe that my son turned out to be a civil engineer.

If it sounds like I’m proud of my son (B.A, Architecture, OSU; M.S., Civil Engineering, Univ of Texas ), I am!

Since I didn’t have a car, I was always dependent on fellow SHS students, e.g., Wesson, Don Nelson, Joe Fowler, etc, for the occasional ride home.

One of my fellow Math classmates ended up as an astronaut.



Except for a very brief time spent with North American Aviation in Los Angeles, my corporate career was with IBM. I started out as an applied science rep in Oklahoma City in 1960….and although titles and locations (and the industry) changed, I remained with Big Blue for 31 years. When Wesson got out of the Air Force, I advised him to go with IBM …..and he’s still there.

My tour involved stints in Kansas City and New York, with brief times in California. When I retired, I was living in Edmond… - so we’re still there.

While with IBM, I had the opportunity to work on several exciting projects, e.g., the first computerized type-setting system for newspapers, on-line flight reservation systems for airlines, and I conducted marketing training classes for the IBM new-hires, which included a current IBM executive VP and one who later became executive VP at Microsoft.

The last several years at IBM were spent more in a consulting role to marketing teams across the country.


Following retirement from IBM, I re-entered the academic field. I joined the faculty of the business college at Oklahoma City University in 1993, then in 1996, joined the Business College faculty at OU. I primarily teach computer related information technology courses in the MIS department. Our department has the largest enrollment of any department at OU.

If this job doesn’t keep you young, I don’t know what would.

  • I have been happily married to my wife Elaine for almost 38 years. I was introduced to her by her Kappa sorority sister, Lin Porter (Ross’ wife….although they were not yet married).

  • We were blessed with 2 kids (although Elaine says that if the 2nd one had come first, she would have been an only child). Both kids were National Merit Scholars, and we are extremely proud of them. They are also working in the Information Technology field.

  • We have 3 grandkids, all boys.

  • I have been active in the Edmond Rotary for several years, and served as President a couple of years ago.

  • Elaine and I have always tried to be active in our church, and have had the opportunity to serve in several cities. I generally try and teach an adult Sunday School and serve as an elder, etc. About 4 years ago, I served a 2 year term as president of the church board as we went through the process of a $3 million dollar expansion program. Almost 10 years ago, I was selected to prepare and deliver the Laity Sunday sermon. Yes, the audience (congregation) did survive.

  • Over the years I have had the opportunity to meet with some famous/infamous people . . . but none of them would remember me. I’ve had lunch with Don Drysdale, rode up an elevator with Bob Dole, sat next to John Glenn on an airplane, enjoyed a show sitting next to author Sidney Sheldon, met the North Dakota governor in his office, and been introduced to an audience by George Nigh.

  • The ‘55 alum that I have kept closest contact with is Ross Porter. Elaine and I have been considered to be a part of his fantastic family in a way, attending the first 2 of his kid’s weddings (we missed the last one), and we try and get together at least every 2 years somewhere (for several years it was in Florida during spring training).

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Rhoda Grady

Here's a good news flash. This very morning ( 5-20-00 ) I bought a new computer, thanks to the enormous outpouring of funds from my classmates.

Those who contributed can feel proud for their heartfelt generosity. I will apply the leftover money to my new car fund. Of course, anyone can contribute to that since my old Taurus is slower than my old computer. Thanks guys.

Oh - a highschool romance report (fact or fiction) sounds like a tempting project. And, of course, it would definitely fall into the historical genre.

I'll see what I can do.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Contributions to This Automobile Fund should be made in care of the Reunion Committee.


Poor Little 'Krista' may very well be taking advantage of the sympathetic, warm hearted, philanthropic, generous and caring members of our wonderful class!

Next thing she'll want is the Editor's Food Stamps!

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Carl Richard Freeman

Found out the reunion is at Holiday Inn. Are phone numbers and reservation info available?

I read Lola 's letter and would nominate her for the humanitarian award.

Keep the superior work up!.

EDITOR'S NOTE: The Reunion is at Ramada Inn, formerly Holiday Inn at I-40 and Harrison Street Intersection.

Phone Number for Reservations is: 405-275-4404

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George C. McKinnis

Just got back from Brussels where I completed/closed the acquisition of a Belgium company for a high-tech client. I went into to warp drive to get the deal closed.

I am now depressurizing and bringing the heart rate down to a humanly supportable level.

Thanks for noticing.


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Rhoda Grady

In Order To Help the Poor Little Girl With Her Automobile Fund
Click To Order Book!

Hi. My pseudonym is Krista Janssen.


These are all historical romances published by Pocket Books of Simon & Schuster.

Thanks for asking.

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Lola GREGORY D'Orazio


Dear Friends,

Honestly I did return from Vietnam, it has just taken me a very long time to get over the "jet lag".

As most of you know this was my first trip back to Vietnam since 1974.

Things have certainly changed. I discovered a very peaceful Countryside with lots of happy and healthy children. The new Government has done lots to prevent the spread of childhood disease and The number of children living in the streets has completely vanished.

I did meet 2 Buddhist priest that have taken over the care of 110 blind children in Saigon. With the help of many American-Vietnamese-Buddists they are able to do a more than adequate job of Caring for these children.

When I left the country I felt that the children were much better off than they were when our troops were there and all of the fighting was going on.

The wonderful thing is that the refugees that have come to The U.S. as "boat people" are doing their part in helping the ones they Left behind in their homeland.

I had dinner with Mr. Cau- "featured in people magazine" and discovered his work in the orphanage in da lat is still a working project. He has developed a program there where he gives college scholarships to young people that in return tutor children At the orphanage. That is kids helping kids and it works.

Another man I met was Andre ( from France) a rep from Proctor and Gamble in Hanoi where P & G is sponsoring a program to provide salt ( iodized) for all children.

I came away with the feeling that we had destroyed their country with a war that we lost and that we have given very little in return those young men and women from our country died, and we pulled out, and that was that. What a sad ending for a terrible war!

I did attend a traditional Vietnamese Buddhist wedding while I Was there. The groom is a young man that I sponsored ( along with his family of 31 ) when they were located floating around in the ocean about one year after the fall of Vietnam. Since then, Kien Pham has become very engrossed in American business and politics ( he did grad work at Stanford, he was a White House resident, etc., etc.) . He is bringing commerce into Vietnam. He has already established a computer company and is working hard to bring other companies into the country.

Only one night did I stay in a communist run hotel. That was Enough. They haven't made any improvements in the 25 years they have Been in control of the hotels. It was beautiful old french style Building with floor to ceiling windows and misquote netting on all ofThe beds. Now what got to me was the 5 am call over the loud Speakers on the beach right outside my window. I love to exercise, but not at 5 am to Chinese music. I did join them one morning, but it was a bit much.

All in all it was a great trip and I was able to get some closure to the C5A airplane crash in 1975. It killed so many of my friends And 84 of the children that I had just visited and tucked in bed only a Few weeks before. May they rest in peace.

Now for the life history lesson:

Married 2 times

Husband is a high school teacher

I do nothing worth while at the present--just art stuff. ( I am trying to learn to write in Chinese)


Gave birth to 2 girls and adopted 2 girls and a boy ( white, oriental and black ) have always worked with adoption on a volunteer basis ( will never Quit)

I fish for trout just a few miles from my home. Live in : Loveland, Colorado ( where there are more sculptures than in Italy )

Children live all over the world and are all coming home this summer That's about it.

Dear Joe,

If you and the committee can find anything of interest in the above, please have at it. Just edit out all of the junk.

With love,


PS - Have received many e-mails from old friends since you posted my e-mail address. It has really been fun!!!!

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Don Nelson


Thank you!

Will do. Such a neat website. Got a email from Jim Morton, my old duck hunting buddy, just because my email address was available.



This emailing business may cause Mary HUFFMAN Hill to be kicked and dragged into the 21st century, renouncing her Big Chief tablet, and No. 2 pencil with eraser, just to talk to her friends, and uncover her "dog proof " couches, thus making way for all the new friends who will be coming to see her.

Look forward to hearing more news. Saw the number of kids and number of grandkids Winnie Mead has, and I think this stuff I talked about that you would not publish caught on many years ago.

Still excuse the shaky typing 'cause we're at it again.

We just have one son who is getting married this summer. How can all of these people have all of these generations be so far ahead. I am going down to Wal-Mart to get some Viagra this evening.

Bye for now.


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Win Dawson



Yes, Don Nelson is a good detective! I too enjoyed his e-mail to the class and he knows he is supposed to keep secrets.....but being a "tax collector" is a fate that he....after disclosing Bob, Win, Carol, and WillaDeane's "duck" adventure to all the world.....deserves!

Sandy and I are now moved into our new home in Brookfield, WI. Don gave you our address and phone and e-mail. We are doing our best to get there this July. We'll just have to see how the new work goes along.

Sure enjoy the web site and all the e-mails....I will keep reading them...and keeping up to date on the progress.

Best to you all.

Win (and Sandy)

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Rhoda GRADY Poole



Hi. Yes, we've connected. My thanks to all of you who are working for our reunion and especially to those responsible for the web site. It's really outstanding! My only problem is sometimes making link connections, or can mow the yard, paint the garage and write my next book while I'm waiting for it to appear. But my computer is infamous for it's antiquity.

Anyway, I'm really enjoying everyone's letters. If no one there cares to contribute to my new computer fund, I'll just continue to go to the site and consider it worth my wait.

Looking forward to seeing you.


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Patty COFFMAN Robertson



Hi Joe, I was pleased to hear from you. I tried to send you a message at the of 55 reunion, but it would not go. I don't know if my server cannot send to that address or if I had it wrong. My daughter forwarded your mail on to me. I arrived in country on 10, March,2000.

I am not over culture shock yet. It is very hot here and especially since I left 16" of snow in Flagstaff, AZ. It is the rainey season here so is not quite as hot as it was when I first arrived.

I am working in the Baptist Mission Treasurers office in Jinja, Uganda. My mailing address is PO Box 1310 Jinja, Uganda East Africa if anyone care to write or send me a "Care Package".

HA!!! All mail needs to be Air Mail or it can take months to get here. It takes an Air Mail letter two to three weeks. My e-mail address has changed and this will be the one I will be using while I am in Uganda.

I was originally suppossed to go to Nairobi,Kenya and I still may go for part of the time I am here. Also there is a possibility I will be in Tanzania some. I will be in Africa for 18 months, then go back to the states for a month, then return to Africa for 18 months. I should be in US in July of 2001.

I wish I could be at the Reunion. Who knows what the next five years will bring into any of our lives. Please keep in touch and when this is over I will probably visit in Oklahoma as I still have family in Shawnee, Seminole, Tecumseh, Edmond and Sulphur.

Love and prayers

Pat Coffman Robertson.

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Date: Thu, 20 Apr 2000 21:01:17 CDT

From Donald Edward Nelson


Hi, - -


EDITOR'S NOTE: This Letter was just too precious; so full of private dreams, wishes and fantasies; and so full of almost forgotten memories and sentimentality; and so full of sweet endearments; and so full of emotion it would bring tears to your eyes, that we do not publish it here.

We will have a copy in the Hospitality Room during the reunion.

Advance Copies Available for a price to be determined!


It has been nominated to share the coveted 'PATTY' Award with McKinnis.

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Shirley NORTHCUTT Bland

Thu, 20 Apr 2000 13:14:40 -0500


Hi, guys,

I am sending my check on payday - Uncle Sam hit us hard on April 15th -

for today, let me send a list of game for us to play at the reunion (courtesy of e-mail from someone...)

Top 10 Old Folks Party Games

  • 1. - Sag, You're It!
  • 2. - Pin the Toupee on the Bald Guy
  • 3. - 20 Questions Shouted into your Good Ear
  • 4. - kick the Bucket
  • 5. - Red Rover, Red Rover, I can't Bend Over
  • 6. - Doc, Doc Goose
  • 7. - Simon Says Something Incoherent
  • 8. - Hide and Go Pee
  • 9. - pin the Bottle of Mylanta
  • 10. - Musical Recliners

If you need someone to lead the games, I choose #5.

See ya in July,


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From: Patsy WHEELER Ritchie


As far as we know right now we will be there for the weekend.

Will confirm that a little later.

Do you know if the class of' '50 has any reunion plans ? If so, would you have them send any info to my husband at or mail it to my address. We do live together, you know.

Looking forward,

Pat Wheeler Ritchie

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From: James Morton



Joe, you might remind George of one of his favorite foods during his wayward youth.

Ask him if he remembers how many bottles (quart) of beer will fit in the seat of a Cushmen(sp) motor scooter.

I can still remember the grin on his face as he opened the bottle and sampled its flavor.

Famous New York Lawyer or not he did like his beer.

We must not forget the little things in life.

Only 100 miles per hour, I thought you drove faster than that.


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Dear Reunion Committee

My mother, Pat Coffman Robertson, is unable to access this e-mail address in Uganda.

Please update her e-mail address to

I have copied and forwarded previous messages to her, so there is no need to repeat.

The electricity goes off there on a daily basis, and although they have a generator, the computers are not used to conserve energy when the generator is running.

She seems to be adjusting well, except for the heat, which appears to be comparable to Oklahoma in August after a rainstorm.

Having lived for the past 25 years on the arid and much cooler Colorado Plateau, you can imagine her difficulty. Best of luck to each of you as you plan this celebration.


Paula Robertson Brunswick

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From: Ross Porter



Thanks for the invitation to the 45th reunion.

Unfortunately, I will be broadcasting the Los Angeles Dodgers games that weekend and will be unable to attend.

This is my 24th season with the Dodgers, and I have been in Southern California since 1966.

My wife, Lin, and I have four children (two sets of boy-girl twins, ages 36 and 31) and five grandchildren (ages 6,5,4,3, and 2) who all live within ten minutes of us.

Please give my best wishes to everyone at the reunion, and hopefully, one day after I retire, I will be able to attend one.

Have a great time.

Ross Porter

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Enjoyed reading the web pages. Keep up the good work. I'll try and send stuff in the near future.

Meantime..... as requested

  • Name Jack Warner
  • Spouse's name: Elaine
  • Address: 2801 Old Farm Lane
  • Edmond, OK 73013
  • Phone: (405) 341-0765
  • E-mail:
  • Fax: (405) 325-1957

    News and info: Still on the faculty at OU. Three grandkids. Spent a week in January in Palm Springs playing golf, etc with Ross Porter (the visit was great, but my golf game hasn't improved much).

    Toured Italy last summer. Other than that, not much news....just keeping busy.

    I am planning on attending the re-union.

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