Shawnee High School

Class of 1955
Quite Possibly The Greatest Class That Ever Was!

Shawnee, Oklahoma

July 21, 22, 23, 2000


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Marinell Friday Guild - 07/20/00 20:56:36



I just read your account of the day of the bombing and it brought tears to my eyes as talking, reading about that day always does. My how close you were to the experience.

I was with students at the VA Medical Center and my husband was across the street at University Hospital. At the VA we did not hear a thing!! The VA had been "earthquake proofed" the year before & had double walls with steel supports so we heard nor felt anything. At University, the building shook and they heard the blast loud and clear.

I took the students to University and we worked in the kitchen providing nourishment for the surgeons, etc. who worked without stopping. The cafeteria area was turned into a triage unit within 5 minutes of the blast - actually the medical community was spectacular in their response to the bombing.

At the VA they were all set up to receive people injured in the bombing but no people came??? The nurses, physicians were puzzled - sort of like all dressed up and no place to go.

Finally they realized that the fear was that there might be another bombing at another federal facility. There were several bomb threats later in the Health Sciences Center but of course no more bombs.

Marinell Friday Guild - 07/20/00 20:35:49
Name in High School - If Different: Marinell Friday
Name of Spouse: Ralph
Occupation: Asst. Professor
Street Address: 712 NW 39
City: Oklahoma City
State & Zip Code: OK 73118


Seems that I need to clarify what I had written earlier about my experiences at Wilson School. My comments about punishment incurred as the result of excessive talking was certainly well deserved on my part and an expected mode of punishment of the day.

Currently as a teacher myself I would like to be able to throttle some of my students for excessive talking (can't do anything to students now for any misbehavior!! - bumps into their RIGHTS).

- 07/19/00 03:42:40


- 07/19/00 03:42:38


Marinell Friday Guild - 07/18/00 21:25:09
Name in High School - If Different: Marinell Friday
Name of Spouse: Ralph
Occupation: Assistant Professor, Registered Dietitian
Street Address: 712 NW 39
City: Oklahoma City
State & Zip Code: OK 73118


To Carolyn Pinkston:

Do you remember Pargen Burgers?????? You always ate onions to get rid of your cold. I've tried to find those dark buns since HS but to no avail. I think that Sumner bakery made them.

Josie Washichek was in Baptist Hospital when I worked there (1975-78). I got to visit with her and she was such a vital and alive person. Don't think that I appreciated that when I was a student.


Do you remember your short story The Swing? All about the "other" dimension.

I also clearly remember your playhouse. I still have a playhouse in our backyard for the grandkids. I realize that it was always for me and not for my kids. I can stand up in it but it is not huge maybe 9X12 with a front porch. How about Tea for Two or Deep Purple for a duet?

I remember being in a play in HS & missing my cue to walk on to play the piano - probably was talking or something equally as interesting to me at the time. I don't remember the name of the play.

Someone said something about the bubble bath in the fountain????????I do not remember what that was about, someone will have to jog my memory.


From Wilson grade school, I remember Bill Merrill's mom hitting the back of my hand for talking in class.

By the way my hair isn't red anymore - it has started turning white (hard to imagine I know) so it is actually blonde as a result of the white hairs in amongst the red. Sounds like a song title.

Joe McKimmey

Marinell's letter brought to mind my own memories of April 19, 1995, remembered by Oklahomans simply as the day of the bombing.

Many Shawnee folk were there, some injured and killed.

Thank God, I was only there; standing at the podium, making an impassioned plea to the Judge in the Federal Courthouse across the street from the Murrah Building.

Suddenly there was a huge boom and the building shook.

I thought it was thunder; opposing counsel across the room thought it was an earthquake; but the much wiser Judge recognized what it was and shouted, It's a bomb - everybody out!

As dust and a stiff breeze came through the courtroom door, and as ceiling tiles began to fall, the rest of us recognized the Judge's wisdom when he shouted again, as he scurried out his private door, "It's a bomb - everybody out!"

Coughing, fighting dust and dodging the ceiling tiles we made our own hurried retreat to the safety of outside.

Our first view - the huge hulk of the remains of the Murrah Building, huge billows of black smoke and fire - to our right, Marinell's church, the huge stained glass window gone - to our left another church equally damaged. Then the ear piercing sounds of sirens and the screeching of tires as rescue efforts began, seemingly seconds after the explosion.

All around us glass and debris were still falling to the pavement; people were running - some toward the building - some away.

Stumbling over trash, debris, rocks and brick I headed toward the YMCA building.

On the way I noticed a very frail woman who must of been in her seventies, supported by a man who appeared to be fifty-ish. He was cradling her in his arms; her face ashen white, appearing more starkly pale contrasted with the brilliance of he blood that was soaking grey hair then running down her face - He appeared to be her son.

She was in shock and my first reaction came from Boy Scout memory!

"Ma'm - you need to lie down - Do you need my coat?"

Even as I played hero I began to reconsider my offer - I was wearing a brand new suit, bought just for this trial. Immediately I envisioned the blood, dirt and grime that would surely destroy my uniform of the day.

Only other lawyers and folks who work regularly with Federal Judges will understand my other stupid thoughts - the judge had told us to get out!, but he had not recessed court. Until Court was recessed we were not really free to leave the area - and I would need that coat to go back to the Courtroom! Six months later we did finally go back.

Thankfully the son replied, "No, thank you", and gave her his own.

Strange, what thoughts hit you at a time like that.

One widely broadcast recording of the blast used by the media and investigators in an effort to determine how many bombs actually exploded was my argument to the court, interrupted by the explosion.

Nobody, including me, remembers what the speaker said - but everyone will remember what shut me up.

P.S. - I believe that Rand Eddy, the son of Jessilea ODEN Eddy and Dan EDDY, was in the YMCA building at the time.

Though part of my practice is suing cities and cops, including the trial on that date, my greatest compliments go out to those involved in the rescue efforts on that date.

By the time we got of the Courthouse police cars were on the scene on each corner - fire trucks were moving in - and within minutes triage was set up a block away, with people stationed to direct the injured where to go for help.

Whoever put that in place deserves real credit. Or maybe it was just everyone working together.

Shirley Northcutt Bland - 07/18/00 14:09:49
Name in High School - If Different: Shirley Northcutt
Name of Spouse: John Bland
Occupation: Staff Assistant
Street Address: 9802 Fox Road
City: Houston
State & Zip Code: Texas 77064


When I was in grade school at Washington, Patsy Doyle, Ronny Cole, D.B. Burton, Jim Schweitzerhof, and Larry Casey were the ones I remember most.

What has happened to Larry? I heard from Patsy, and I know Ronny and D. B. have died.

I'm pretty sure we'll get over to Padre Island to see Jim one of these days - we enjoy lots of mini-vacations, and that is near here.

Washington had the most beautiful playground - we could play a great game of baseball, and see the river in the background.


I remember a small airplane had an emergency landing (almost a crash) on our diamond, and all we kids just stood there waving at the pilot. We thought he was waving at us, instead of telling us to get the %^()*(^&^%(^ out of the way.

Are you going to print these e-mails and put them in a scrapbook for the folks who don't get e-mail (and the absent-minded ones who can't remember who sent what?) If not, let me know and maybe I can get them all printed before we leave town at noon on Thursday.

See you guys Friday night - I like my white wine cold!


[ These & E-Mails Will Be In Hospitality Room ]

- 07/18/00 00:03:56
John Gottman
1451 N.E. Wooded path #202
N. Kansas City, Mo. 64116
Spouse: Kathryn


Just a note to let you know Kathryn J. Berryhill Gottman and I just celebrated our 42nd wedding anniversary.

We have three children, two sons and a daughter, we also have five grand children.

For sixteen years I preached in a number of Baptist Churches in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Kansas and had a secular job as a paint salesman.

We plan to retire in two years and have bought a condo in Okla, City, Okla.

Any one wishing to contact us please write to the above address.

Your 1955 friend

John Gottman

[ When You Do Move - Let Us Know Your New Address! ]

Marinell F. Guild - 07/17/00 20:32:54


This is THE MOST impressive web site !! Who are the responsible people so I can give them a very Large THANK YOU.

Probably just as well that I didn't find the site sooner because I have spent the better part of today reading the messages!! Haven't completed those tasks I needed to do - oh well!

Marinell F. Guild - 07/17/00 20:29:41


Oops, I inadvertently left out a major bit of information - I remarried in 1988 to Ralph Guild. He was originally from Wewoka & was a radio announcer on the Tri-City Radio Station - can't hold that against him though.

Marinell Friday Guild - 07/17/00 20:12:36
Name of Spouse: Ralph T.
Occupation: Physician, teaching in OUHSC Medical School
Street Address: 712 NW 39
City: Oklahoma City
State & Zip Code: OK 73118



I was divorced in 1971 and returned to school at OU to complete my degree in Nutrition. I then did a 12 month internship through OSU,started to work at Baptist in the burn center as a Registered Dietitian.

In 1978 I moved (professionally) to the VA Medical Center in OKC and worked as the dietitian in the intensive care units (surgery, medicine & coronary).

In 1992 I finished my master's degree in Nutritional Sciences and began teaching in the Department of Nutritional Sciences at OUHSC.

In 1998 I was appointed Program Director of the Coordinated Program in Clinical Dietetics.

I am still teaching & doing administrative work. It looks like every 17 years or so I get a degree - guess in 2005 I can start to work on my PhD?

I have 2 daughters, Leslie - lives in Denver with husband & daughter - Hannah age 8. Leslie & her husband are engineers and Leslie is working with a new start-up company in broad band access! Difficult for me to really understand what she does?? Mar aret is divorced, lives in Oklahoma City, passed her Series 7 & works for AG Edwards. She has 2 sons, 7 & 9.

I am not old enough to be a grandmother & have 2 girls who are in their thirties!! Time does have a way of slipping by.

I am active in the First United Methodist Church in OKC (we were right across the street from the bombing) and are,of course, across the street from the Memorial.

I still play at the piano. Major interests are gardening & cooking.

I look forward to seeing my classmates Friday.

Ed Scheihing - 07/17/00 19:53:43
My Email:
Name in High School - If Different: ADA High School
Name of Spouse: Rozine
Occupation: Retired insurance claims
Street Address: 1301 Mary Lee Lane
City: Edmond
State & Zip Code: OK 73034


Moved from Shawnee in my JR year. BS degree from East Central University, MBA University of Central Ok. Worked in insurance claims for 35 years. Retired 1997.

Two sons one wife and no dog. Own and operate a less than a thousand acre ranch. Two grandchilldren.

[ Eddie Moved To Ada His Senior Year - But He's Still One Of Us! ]

Bill Wesson - 07/17/00 18:58:15
My Email:
Name of Spouse: Rosalie
Occupation: I/T Specialist - IBM
Street Address: 3928 Colgate
City: Dallas
State & Zip Code: Texas 75225


I can confirm that Jefferson's colors were blue and gold and that the mascot was Pegasus (if that is the correct spelling).

I can't believe that Bussey can't remember the colors ( since he proudly wore those colors when he won the golden trackshoe at the Little Olympics in the 7th grade ).

Yes, Jack Warner, Don Brewington is my cousin. He was in the class of '58 with my sister. I gave him the website address.

Hope all of you have a great time this weekend.

- 07/15/00 22:54:09

Fern PERRY Barnett


Hello...Reunion Committee...I do plan to be at the REUNION, are we to send our money in advance or bring the amount to registration? E-mail address.

Either Way - Just Be Here

Donna Doss Wilson - 07/15/00 21:14:32
My Email:
Name in High School - If Different: Donna Doss
Name of Spouse: Joe
Occupation: retired
Street Address: 730 Ranchoak Drive
City: Yukon
State & Zip Code: OK 73099-4220



I take exception to Don Nelson's remark about Jefferson's colors being pink and baby blue. ( See the e-mail page. )

Jefferson was always a first class school and still is as evidenced by an article in today's edition of the Daily Oklahoman.

A Jefferson teacher is among the finalists for this year's state "Teacher of the Year" contest.

Sure didn't see anything about Wilson.

Eat your heart out, Don, and also your words.


Will Merrill - 07/15/00 16:40:18
My Email:
Name in High School - If Different: Bill
Name of Spouse: none
Occupation: Design Consultant
Street Address: P.O. Box 314 -- 220 Twin Springs Road
City: Blowing Rock
State & Zip Code: N.C., 28605


Oops---I almost forgot to send in my money for a photo and a directory! (The check is in the mail!)

I want to see if I can recognize any of you guys.

And more importantly, I want to see if there is a real Mary Huffman and/or Steve Keller.

We have heard a lot about both, but not one word from either! What are the hiding?

Sorry that I can't be there, but then I've had all the fun and excitement that this old man can handle in reading your postings and in exchanging Email! However, could someone please send me a bootleg copy of the infamous Don Nelson letter?

I sent a Show-and-Tell package in the Snail Mail, that will tell a little about what I have been doing.

Have fun, and if you can, it would be fun to see some postings with snap shots, and the latest "news".

Will Merrill

Frances Washburn - 07/15/00 01:14:06
My Email:
Name in High School - If Different: Frances Carleton
Name of Spouse: Loren
Occupation: Retired
Street Address: Rt 2 Box 35
City: Tecumseh
State & Zip Code: OK. 74873



We are retired & live on a farm in Tec. We owned a service station & had U-Haul. Met lots of nice people. Worked at a Hosp. & N.H. as LPN.

One son lives by us. He is a postman & his wife teaches at Grove in Shawnee.

The other son lives in Edmond & has a degree to teach. He has worked at Channel 4 & 5 TV in OKC & in Little Rock, Ar. His wife is a Doctor in OKC & has a practice there.

We have 6 grandkids that keep us busy. Have enjoyed working on the reunion.

Willa_Dean - 07/12/00 21:49:40
My Email:

Jefferson's Pegasus All Decked Out In School Colors!


Donna is absolutely right, Jefferson's colors were blue and gold.

The mascot was Pegasus. I suspect Mrs. Ingram selected it. I still remember her reading us the flying horse story in third grade.

Irving's colors were red and white.

See you in a few days.

[ It Figures it would be a P Word! ]

Kent Jones - 07/12/00 20:23:47
Street Address: 400 E. Britton Rd.
City: Oklahoma City
State & Zip Code: OK 73114


Just want to say HI to the class of '55.

We hope you have a great time at your reunion!

Congratulations to you and here's to many more wonderful reunions to come!

Thank you for your support over the years!

The Good Guys at KOMA Radio, Oklahoma City

Donna Doss Wilson - 07/12/00 16:58:21
My Email:
Name in High School - If Different: Donna Doss
Name of Spouse: Joe
Occupation: retired
Street Address: 730 Ranchoak Drive
City: Yukon
State & Zip Code: OK 73099-4220


Sorry, Bob Neale, I know Jefferson's colors were blue and gold.. I even remember our Junior Olympics T-shirts. Gold with blue detailing.

I just can't yet recall our mascot.

Wish I still had that shirt. I could offer proof.

Rhoda Poole - 07/09/00 13:35:32
My Email:
Name in High School - If Different: Rhoda Grady



I think I lost this the first time, so you may get two. Here goes again.

DOWN MEMORY LANE - The Worst and the Best of Times

Worst Hour: - Pledging Modern Priscilla and having to sit inside Sharon Shirley's bathroom cabinet because I couldn't swallow a whole raw egg.

Most Embarrassing: - The Redbud float I was perched atop breaking down on Main Street and being towed out of the parade to my dad's garage.

Funniest skit: - The Homecoming skit written by Don Courtney where the football team all dressed in pink net tutu's and did a chorus line while the captain, Bill Routh, came swinging in a rope to kiss Sleeping Bea ty, I believe Queen was Patty Taylor.

Worst party experience: - Snowball Banquet where I pinned Jerry Carlton (See pic elsewhere) When it was time for the kiss, he didn't move and I was too shy to make a move, so it didn't happen. We were booed of the stage and I barely remembered to stop to sing Mr. Snowman (Mr. Sandman.) So I failed as a kisser and ruined the highlight of everyone's evening. I left early in tears and to this day hate the song Mr. Sandman.

Biggest Boo-boo: - Persuading my steady, Don Courtney to fly his Piper Cub over town and drop leaftlets for the Student Council plan. They all ended up in Tecumseh and beyond.

Most long-lasting health benefit: - On a Tri-Hi-Y trip to Bartlesvill, The original Little Lovelies, Mary Huffman, Sharon Shirley, Marinell Friday and I smoked cigarettes till midnight in our hotel room, our first experience with these. Our beloved Wanda Keller, caught us, and in her quiet way loaded us with guilt. After she left, we all vowed never to smoke again and sealed our vow by praying, reading the Gideon Bible, and staying up to watch the sunrise. I was sick all the way home - but have never smoked since. Can't speak for the other lovelies.

Most daring group function: - After a sleepless slumber party at Carolyn Pinkstons, about 20 of us caravaned in cars while still in our pajamas to the stadium where the football team was having fall practice. Ju t drove around waving and yelling. Coach Greene didn't find it amusing. On the way home, we played Stoplight, where at a red light everyone (but the driver) jumped out and ran around the car, then jumbed back in before the light changed.

Most Impossible Dream: - Third grade crush on Seventh grader, James Hall. A true hero.

First Kiss: - (okay, here's the romance you've been asking for.) Mary Huffman and I double-dated and planned to each get our first kiss. She was with Bill Routh, I was with Larry Casey. We did, and compared not s afterward at my house. We liked it alot, but I kept looking in the mirror to see if it showed somehow. We were 15.

Saddest experience: - Barbara Barrett's funeral.

Most long-lasting reward: - The great memories and sharing them with all of you.


Barbara's parents are deceased, and her family is no longer in the area.

She's buried at Resthaven near Albert Crawford's parents.

When he visits his parent's graves he remembers Barbara with a single rose.

Donald Paul Chancellor - 07/09/00 00:16:22
My Email:
Name of Spouse: Delores McConnel
Occupation: Retired
Street Address: Rt. 2 Box 213-H
City: Hico
State & Zip Code: Texas 76457



Sorry I'm so late getting this note in, but I was unable to get into the web-site until you sent me an E-mail. My hat is off to our web-site and it's creators. A job well done.

As for me and mine, I met my wife Delores (from Tulsa)while we were attending Oklahoma State and we were married in August 1958. We have been blessed with three children. Kim Slape is married and they have 3 children of their own-Christopher, age 20 junior at Texas A & M; Cody, a solphmore in high school; and Casey, entering the 7th grade this year. Kim works at a local bank. Our oldest son, David, and his wife have our only grandaughter, Chelsea, age 8 and Colton, age 4(the only one so far to car on the family name on my side). David is a hard working UPS employee. Eric is the youngest at 33 and is married with no children yet. Eric is a systems program manager for a Dallas insurance firm.

After graduating in mid 1959 from OSU, Don Bussey, Joe Bussey and I went in search of fame and fortune.

Being well capitilized and willing to work hard, the Busseys have done very well thru the years.

With my marketing degree I decided to help J C Penneys become wealthy. In 1960, after 14 months of 60 and 70 hour weeks, I chose to go to work for the Social Security Administration, so I could spend some time with my family on the weekends. We train d in Oklahoma City then worked in McAlaster, back to Oklahoma City, then on to Austin where I was a supervisor, then I joined the staff at the Dallas Regional Office in 1968. We remained in the Dallas Regional Office until our retirement in mid-1997, afte nearly 37 years. For the last 25 years or so, I worked mostly with the State Health Departments and Departments of Human Services in Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas, helping to administer the Medicare and Medicaid programs.

After retirement I took a job as a Marshall for a nearby town. I didn't carry a gun though, and all I could say was-"please keep on the cart path, try to play faster and close the gap with the group in front of you, or would you mind letting the gr up behind play thru?" The pay wasn't good but I could play all the golf I wanted.

In the fall of 1998 we decided to move from our home of 25 years in the Dallas suburb of Red Oak. We moved some 90 miles SW of Dallas to Hico, Texas. Population 1345, and rather quiet. We bought 25 acres and are trying to carve out a homestead among he trees. We do enjoy the slow pace of life, but miss the kids and grandkids. We have been in about one year now and if we live to be 100 I don't believe we will get everything as we want it. We now have time to stop and smell the roses, but my smeller d esn't work as well as it did 45 years ago. Wonder why that is?

I look forward to seeing everyone.

Don Chancellor

Donna Doss Wilson - 07/07/00 16:09:19
My Email:
Name in High School - If Different: Donna Doss
Name of Spouse: Joe
Occupation: retired
Street Address: 730 Ranchoak Drive
City: Yukon
State & Zip Code: OK 73099-4220



A few days ago I sent a message re Avery Milstead's science class in 9th grade. Guess it got lost in cyberspace as I can't find it anywhere. So I'll try to recreate.

Mr. Milstead was a fantastic teacher in my opinion.

Do you remember "the table" sitting over to the side of the room closest to the windows? Can't exactly recall what a person had to do to sit there for a week, but it had to do with excellence. Certain people were almost always there. I think in my c ass there were Bill Tiffany, Bill Brown, Tommy Vogler and others. Occasionally I had the honor.

Margot Crutchfield ('54) came back from high school to take the course again, and she was in our class--almost always late, which Mr. Milstead disliked intensely. One day she fainted which caused quite a commotion. Don't know the reason, but she fel flat on the floor.

I think Tommy Volger was a nephew of Mr. Milstead's, but I could never tell that he got special consideration. He was just naturally a whiz at everything. What became of Tommy?

P.S. - Jefferson's colors were blue and gold, but I don't remember our mascot.

Surely Don Bussey, Vernie Z., Mary Ellen, Charlyn, or somebody can remember.

Donna D. Wilson

Lost message may be the July 3rd one we blamed on Carolyn, Carol or Rhoda! Our apologies to all.

We've Been Sending Letters to Tommy VOGLER at the following address, and none have been returned, so we assume it's still correct.

2519 Empire Grade
Santa Cruz, CA 95064

Carl Freeman Sent A Letter to Donna and forwarded to Us. See His Letter on E-Mail Page

As to help on Jefferson Mascot: Charlyn probably isn't watching - Mary is out of town - Vernie Z. is too bashful to help - & Bussey can't seem to talk about anything but some sort of tr ck shoe.

Other Jeffersonians probably don't remember the glory days!

And What about Harrison - Franklin - Washington - Horace Mann - St. Benedicts - Robert E. Lee?

Bill Routh - 07/07/00 04:24:10
My Email:
Name of Spouse: Susan
Occupation: retired
Street Address: 2418 Fairway Drive
City: Richardson
State & Zip Code: TX 75080



First things first. I saw John Morris's mother in Enid some 7 years ago and she told me that he was now at Route 4, Tuttle, Oklahoma, I presume that they have a Zip.

I want to be on the committee next time so that I can pick the date. For the last two there seems to be a conspiracy to set the date when I am out of the area and cannot make it back.

While visiting Rhoda on my way to Steamboat Springs she pulled up this absolutely original website and let me in on what was transpiring on the internet. Experts are surely right, if the Reunion of the Class of 1955 has a website, THE WHOLE WORLD MUST NOW BE ONLINE.

As for contributions, I am one of the few remaining Irving Whippets.

You may have heard of the Whippets in recent years if you are a fan of Garrison Keeler. Alas, our school after many glorious years was bulldozed. They must have overlooked the rich heritage and heroic souls who toiled there through seven long years o basketball and football on the brick hard dirt playground, only topped off by the one set of recreational equipment, a set of horseshoes. Fortunately no one was ever hit during the pitching.

For Junior High, how can we ever forget the school song written by that memorable band director, Mr. Emery:

There in Shawnee's Central Woodland Dark against the sky Proudly stands our Junior High School As the years go by Faith and courage, be our motto Honor to prevail Here's to you our Junior High School Central High, ALL Hail

Sung loosely to the the tune of "High above Cayuga's waters. Cornell would be impressed.

I looking over Carol's list she was very generous to say that we RAN the single wing. Mostly, as I remember, other teams were running over us. But at least we could still remember the year before.

As for Crinoline, did those things ever get in the way.

With Margot, I could never get her to faint at the right time.

Finally, when she mentioned Jane Day, I could not forget, Jane, Margaret and Dayanna with those bullet bras

As for teachers, who can forget Johnny Guy. He even made physics and chemistry interesting. Along with those long counselling sessions with what were deemed "problem students" Alas, that is as they say "history".

As for my last few years, I have been climbing some mountains, Whitney, Shasta, Rainier, Pico d'Orizaba, Ixta, Ritter, Mt. Everest Trek to Base Camp and Kilimanjaro along with some long hikes on the John Muir Trail, and the Appalachian Trail. Sold my usiness in October and am splitting my time between the Dallas area and Steamboat Springs where we are now. Had a bunch of children (4) who are now having a bunch of children (5). Hope to climb McKinley next summer if all goes well.

Sorry that I can't be there. Hope you all have a great time. At least Shawnee doesn't change that much, so the memories can be refreshed easily.


P.S. I saw some reference to Zig that the same guy who I know as Vernie Ziegler, P.I.? The name sounded more familiar as Zig.

Editor's Privilege To Comment
Bill Routh Is Now On Committee - Address Queries concerning 2005 Reunion to Him!
  • Will Miss You Bill!
  • Wat's a Whippet?
  • Bullet, What?
  • With Interest in Bullets - No Grand Tetons?
  • We still prefer Shawnee Will Shine Tonight
  • Yes, that's Vernie - the quiet one!

Editor was a Whippet Grades 1 & 2. Didn't know what a Whippet was then either. But, still have scar next to left eye where William Lowery - '53, hit me on the backswing at Horsehoe pit.

We also played marbles for keeps, but the prinicpal (Buddy Wilcoxson ), thought that was gambling, and made winners give back the marbles to the losers!

We spiked tops - cut circles in the dirt with our pocket knives - and got our first wooden yo-yos when the Filipino boys came to town and carved sailfish on them!

Editor got only two paddlings of school career, deftly administered by Buddy Wilcoxsen, during same class period when Martha Holley sent him to the office for flipping pencils.

Then he moved out to Wilson, the rich school, where the rumor was they had electric paddles.

They weren't - but Kate Hamilton made one think they were!

Dick Smika - 07/06/00 16:31:55

My Email:
Name of Spouse: Marge
Occupation: Retired Plant Manager
Street Address: 2430 Longwood Dr
City: Decatur
State & Zip Code:: IL 62526-3027


Dear Classmates:

I'm sorry I won't be able to attend the reunion due to a schedule comflict. I really enjoyed the last one and will miss seeing all of you again.

Life has been good, and I was able to retire last year and I'm now enjoying the fruits of all that labor.

Thank goodness for the solid education provided by good ol' SHS. Don't you wish kids nowdays got the same kind of schooling we received? (However, as I began working and playing with computers, I sure wished I had taken a typing course in highschool.)

Time has a way of dimming the recollections of the tough times, yet the good times stand out as fond memories of our days in school.


I cherish memories of playing in the band, and being honored by Mr. Johnson to sit as first chair trombone and be drum major in my senior year; of working at the Ritz and Hornbeck, and seeing many of you come in with your dates on Friday and Saturday n ght. Memories of driving my '41 Ford around the streets of Shawnee. Fun times for sure!

Committee, thanks for your hard work. If you know the whereabouts of Max Leach, please send me his address. I'd also like the name and address of the person(s) in charge of the class of '56 reunion. There are several in that class I'd like to contact.

Thanks for letting me ramble on. Have a good time, and I hope to see you in 2005!

Dick Smika

We Haven't Heard From Max In Years. - Sorry!

Maybe Someone Reading This Can Help Us All!

We've Got about 60 E-Mail Addresses On Home Page - and want to post as many as we can!

Keeping in touch with each other is the real reason for this Website.

Hopefully Anyone Wanting Information About Anyone Might Post It Here.

Maybe The Person you're looking for will Sign In With A Little Information - Or Maybe Someone Not On The Committee Will Have More Information Than We Have.

Carolyn, yes again - 07/05/00 22:08:46


Horace Mann Chiefs

Re: - no message 07/03/00.

Not me JOE! you think I don't have a life?

Incidentally, it was the Horace Mann Chiefs. Colors as I recall were maroon and white.

By the way, Horace Mann won the Little Olympics my 7th grade year!

You've Got To Be Kidding!

Carl freeman - 07/05/00 14:29:53
Name of Spouse: Maria



The revelation by Ziegler was amazing. All this time I didn't know he is apparently the only class member with ptotal recall.

The anonymouse editor (aka A. N. Other) has enlightened us with grade school histrionics and certainly excited Rhoda.

Note that Robert E. Lee was only for grades 1-3 in the ‘40's. Marcene Deatherage and Earlene Dame probably attended there too.

Earlene and Carol English ( in grade, jr and high school) were much better clarinetists. I should have stayed with the blocks I played in music class at Lee.


Earnest Nelson's reference to Horse Man was probably a natural to anyone.

At the time Hairy Son was the other east side school, although Oak Grove out on Bryan contributed to the Shawnee High School student body but may have been just outside the city limits. Harrison classmates that did not make graduation at Shawnee High School Billy Olive, Jerry Johnson and Rosemary Barnette.

Grade School rivalries were probably strongest between Wilson and Jefferson, but the big inter-city event was the Junior Olympics with the Catholic also participating. Wilson usually scored the most; maybe bigger enrollment or the students were just b tter. Maybe some of the Bill's can cough up the real facts.

In the year after our graduation, both integration and wetness became the laws of the US of A and Oklahoma respectively.

Evelyn Martin's solid geometry class project was making models of 3D objects such as spheres, cube and other 'hedrons. Some of these were truly outstanding (metal by Sam Clifton for instance). Sam, even in high school was a large lad, was at the blackboard showing a solution when someone volunteered: "Confound it, Sam, you're blocking the view."

Eugenia Brown was another dear teacher. She complained about not being able to Put on any weight. I remember how thrilled she was after her marriage.

Carrie Hill was another English teacher. She said she could do a full conjugation on any verb while holding her breath.

Tommy Vogler gave her the verb, duodenimpancreatectrimize. I think she really ‘blue' it.

Perhaps Grady Write can provide corrections of spellin, improper conception, and other word abuse - I will try to get George as my barrister if required and claim as a defense it was due to the editor's **deleted** SW (Southern Ways, or his Sheep Ward n, or whatever, covert or overt). The most common use of SW is to identify "single white" in lonely hearts letters but this may not have been George's intended use.

I am no longer appealing to the editor to edit as he would probably just sic his dingbats on me such as (sic - ##17).

Most class members, or minimally, very active writers such as Rhoda and Caroline (I believe) and regular and voracious readers would like to hear more from those that are challenged in the manner of becoming frogs and others that have not contributed lately (i.e., what have you told us lately?).


St. Bendicts no longer has a school.

Many may remember Acme School, out by the Elk's Club - it's no longer open.

Oak Grove is now Grove School - grades 1 through 6, and is in the City Limits. It is own School District - It's right in the middle of all of the new housing additions, and gets a lion's share of the property taxes!

Editor's Embarassment!!!

Will Get In Trouble Here!

I know that Wilson was Wildcats


What were Franklin - Harrison - Horace Mann - Irving - Jefferson - Robert E. Lee - St. Benedicts - Washington and what Were Their Colors?

We do not ignore Dunbar, but one of the shames or our time was that no one from that grade school was allowed to be part of our class!

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Rhoda Poole - 07/03/00 17:18:20
My Email:
Name in High School - If Different: Rhoda Grady

Another One For the Dead File!


The polite rejection letter in response to my response to unknown author was obviously a form letter copied from the forty or so already in my dead file.

I do, however, appreciate the encouragment for further literary efforts.

Unfortunately my inquiry regarding the author of the very fine historical observations on the Class of 55 has still gone unanswered.

I presume I will have to await this revelation until I reach the Hospitality Desk on July 21st, to go along with Don Nelson's unpublishable letter.

- 07/03/00 17:04:12


[ Is That You Again Carolyn???? - Or Is It Carol???
- or is Miss Grady Write Having Trouble With Her New Computer? ]

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Rhoda Poole - 06/30/00 23:51:14
My Email:
Name in High School - If Different: Rhoda Grady
Name of Spouse: Tom
Occupation: Writer
City: Santa Fe, NM
State & Zip Code: 87501


I have just read the tribute on the home page to the Class of 55. I'd like to know who wrote this. It is extremely moving and beautifully written. Poignant and thought-provoking. I'd just like to acknowledge the author - and say thanks.

Miss Grady Write

We appreciate your sending us the above article; and we do recognize your urgent need to test your new computer.

However, this submission does not presently meet the needs of our readership.

It seems to have limited audience appeal to one unknown author, who thanks you very much for your nice comments.

The terms poignant and provoking may be over most reader's heads, except perhaps certain Jeffersonians who seem to have an affinity for words beginning in P.

You do appear to have a certain literary talent which should be shared, and you should not let our comments dissuade you from further efforts.

We would suggest that you submit another manuscript to this site - perhaps one in the nature of a memory piece, recalling your school days. Something historical or romantic - fact or fiction.

Or - maybe you could respond to the Provocative comments of others.

You may want to review the submissions of our more Prolific contributors to determine the tastes of our readers.

When your new work is published we will happily elevate you from Writer to Author

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Carolyn - 06/29/00 22:00:22


Yes Joe, it was me again! Can't help it if you all are so interesting that I keep remembering. So I'll try again.

Boy do I remember Miss Allred! She was also my Sunday school teacher at FBC. (as was Carrie Hill)

Miss Allred was a dear. She was one of several teachers I had who had also taught my mother at SHS. She also let me come to her house the summer after school was out so I could raise my grade a letter. Don't ask which letter it was raised to.

Math was not my thing.

I also remember the earthquake. Does anyone remember the gathered skirts we made in Hazel Gray's home ec class? (8th grade)

I'm anxious to see all of you (including) recent grandma Rhoda.


The check has cleared so I guess you'll be waiting with open arms.


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Bill Wesson - 06/29/00 20:42:51
My Email:
Name of Spouse: Rosalie
Occupation: I/T Specialist with IBM
Street Address: 3928 Colgate
City: Dallas
State & Zip Code: Texas 75225


After high school I attended Oklahome State University from which I graduated in 1960 with an M.S. in Mathematics and Statistics. Ten days later I was in the Air Force at Randolph AFB in San Antonio where I was stationed for 3 years as a Data Processi g Officer.

During that time, I married Rosalie Greiner, a girl I met on a blind date at OSU. We have been married for 40 years this coming December. We have two grown children and one granddaughter who is 13 months old. I know all of you who have grandchildren know how happy we are to have one.

After the Air Force, I joined IBM in San Antonio in 1963 and have been with them since then. I'll celebrate my 37th anniversary with IBM in August. We moved from San Antonio to Dallas in 1973.

I am still enjoying my work so have not thought about retirement yet. I'll probably work for another several years or until I no longer enjoy it.

I enjoy playing a round of golf occasionally and Rosalie and I enjoy our granddaughter and some amount of traveling.

We won't be able to make it to the reunion this year but I'm sure you will all have a great time.

This website is a great idea! Who set it up and maintains it?

Keep me on your mailing (or email) list.

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Sylvia RUTHERFORD Cobb - 06/27/00 21:34:36
My Email:
Name in High School - If Different: Rutherford
Occupation: Librarian
Street Address: 3910 Marie Drive
City: Shawnee
State & Zip Code: Ok 74804



Yes, Donna, I remember Miss Allred. WhatI especially remember is her frequent question "What use will geometry be in the future?" I know it has a use, but I never could remember how to do it. Math and science were never my favorite subjects.

Does anyone remember the "great" earthquake when we were in the 9th grade. I remember that I was in Delhia Nelson's algebra class on the north side of the building when we all felt a slight tremor. No one thought of an earthquake.

October brought the World Series and the coaches would bring their radios to class and they and the males would listen to the games. Girls got to talk for the entire hour--but we had to be quiet--no interupting the broadcast.

Miss Christian made Bill Merrill and I stand in different corners of the library/study hall for talking too much about geomerty. In spite of that memory, I still became a librarian.

Mr. Blatner would let us read "Gone with the Wind" for a book report--but one of the Hill sisters would not let us read it---far too risque.

Remember when Miss Washicheck's dog died and she was out for a day or two. I now know how she felt -- pets are a member of your family.

Does any one else remember all the peotry we had to memorize AND recite. I still remember the 7th or 8th grade and Bill Brown eloquent rendition of "Casey at the Bat."

Vera Clark (jr. high) would send a student down town to return something for her or else pick up something for her.

Assemblies meant that we walked from high school through the park over to the auditorium.

I still remember lunch hour in the cafeteria and some of the music. A favorite record was Andy Griffen's "What is was, was football" (or a similiar title).

It was defintely another era, but a good one.

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- 06/27/00 20:36:18


[ Is That You Again Carolyn???? ]

Donna Doss Wilson - 06/25/00 19:28:29



Oops! That was plane geometry I had, not plain. Sorry about that goof.

Donna Doss Wilson - 06/24/00 23:52:40
My Email:
Name in High School - If Different: Donna Doss
Name of Spouse: Joe
Occupation: retired
Street Address: 730 Ranchoak Drive
City: Yukon
State & Zip Code: Yukon, Ok 73099


Does anyone besides me recall having Miss Allred for Plain Geometry? I had that subject right after lunch (I think) our Sophomore year. Maybe it was the second class following lunch.

Anyway, Miss Allred, as you remember, had a hearing problem. Some "athlete types" and other big "dumb" guys sat at the back of the room. They frequently made comments re Miss Allred, knowing she probably wouldn't hear their remarks.

Sometimes she'd ask them to repeat their questions and then they'd have to scramble for words!

I thought she was a pretty good teacher as I understood geometry and had just had a terrible time with Algebra I.


Surely you guys remember Delilah Nelson who hung around the boys and rarely had any kindnesses left for us poor girls.

Back to Miss Allred.

If someone told her of a fellow class member's birthday, she'd send somebody to the bakery across the street to buy pastries for the whole class. This was at her expense!

She was the only teacher I ever had who did some kind act such as this. The poor kids who had summer birthdays missed out!

I also recall how upset she got when the athletes were excused from class to play golf, baseball, football, etc. She didn't like that at all.

The guys, on the other hand, were glad to escape her calling on them to go to the blackboard to explain problems.

Wonder what happened to Miss Allred!

[ The Editor had Miss Allred - In Our Opinion, One of the Finest Teachers We Had! ]

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Joseph E. McKimmey - 06/24/00 20:53:12
Name of Spouse: Jettie
Occupation: Attorney
Street Address: 3 Terra Lane
City: Shawnee
State & Zip Code: Oklahoma 74801


Minor Memory - Short Confession!


When it came time to crown the queen I always wished Clifton would get tomaine, or maybe even something serious.

Then, as Veep, I could do the crowning and kissing!

Since we haven't heard from Sam - and since he probably won't read this, I'm going to say that he said something like - "Queen Kissing is no big deal!"

The Queens?

- They never hoped Sam would have tomaine, or die, or anything like that; - maybe just a simple case of diarrhea to keep him busy for the evening so the substitute crowner could take over.

My memory may be a little foggy, but til corrected - that's the way I want to remember it!

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Wynona Taylor Goodin - 06/21/00 14:56:19
My Email:

Change of e-mail address:

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Carol Hayward Carney - 06/15/00 18:54:45
My Email:



Message #2. I finally found my last message. I was really starting to hope that it had been lost; truly a "blah" candidate.

Reading all your messages has really made me nostalgic. I want to go through all my old high school pics; I just don't have a clue where they are!

I envy those of you who have been able to keep up with some of our classmates. Except for our reunions, I can think of only two "out of Shawnee experiences" for me.

Joe Fowler visited me when I was working in Tulsa. That was a long time ago. Joe was working with an engineering firm and had just designed a box. Joe, remember?

My other experience was so much fun, I have to tell about it.

At our last reunion Rhoda mentioned that she would be in Baton Rouge for a Romance novelist convention the next year. Somehow I remembered and we got together. I guess you would have to see it to believe it! Here was a huge room filled with tables a d authors and a multitude of fans getting autographs. Rhoda took a break to have a Coke and reminisce about Shawnee folks.

Of course she had been hanging out with the male models for the covers, so she introduced me and I got a signed pic; could have had a pic taken, but I didn't bring a camera!

One of Them Sent In His Picture!

Great fun! So I not only have read ALL her books, but have autographed copies.

If you haven't read them, you must put it on a priority list. After all .... They just get better and better! I was wondering when the next one would be out; am glad to know it is a work in progress. ( Hint: Books-a-Million ordered mine for me, then stocked some! )

Rhoda mentioned that the woman sitting next to her had made $3 million a month in her prime! Do I remember that correctly?? Rhoda, I was so excited about getting to see you and all that was going on that I forgot to ask who the woman was!

Yes, Bob, Win, WillaDean, I remember it well. My wildest moment?? (Well, at least up to then.)

Everyone, keep writing! I love hearing what all is happening. You'll probably have to listen to more from me later. Am thinking about you all!


Carol - 06/15/00 18:38:31


[ What Is This About Carol and Carolyn's Stuttering Computers! ]

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Carolyn remembers more - 06/14/00 21:31:30

Crinoline Makes Us So Purty!


Messasges seem to be slowing down.

Really enjoyed Patty's African adventure. Also good laugh about Minnie Lea's adventure in the parked car.

Does anyone else remember:

  • Running the single wing when the world ran the split T?
  • The Shawnee Hawks?
  • Foot long chili dogs, fries and a coke after school at the Top Hat to tide us over till supper?
  • Hot Rolls and honey at Troy's?
  • The City Cafe?
  • Dragging Main?
  • Crinoline net petticoats?
  • Sledding on Market Hill?
  • Mid-night previews at the Hornbeck?
  • When most guys had spotlights on their cars? (those of us who didn't have dates going court busting and spoiling the fun of those who did?) Now days we'd probably get shot.
  • Ann Hunter incurring the wrath of a senior girl ('54) because a senior boy talked to her "too Much"?
  • How Jane Day announced that she was married?
  • Margot Crutchfield fainting.
  • Camp Clearfork?

Personal memory of my one and only appearance on stage in the Senior play and getting to paint your name backstage at the Muny Auditorium. The play was Stage Door and I played a "kept woman". I did not however know what that was.

Come on gang keep these stories coming.

[ Carolyn Probably Scared Ziegler Away With Her Last Letter! ]

Also - Minnie Lea is off the Lost List - Sent in a real nice letter. Hopefully she'll sign in here. Don't know when we'll be able to get the 'Snail mail' Posted! Her E-Mail is

Carolyn remembers more - 06/14/00 21:30:53


[ Carolyn's Computer Still Stutters - More of the Same! ]

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