Shawnee High School Reunion

Class of 1955
Quite Possibly The Greatest Class That Ever Was!

Shawnee, Oklahoma

July 21, 22, 23, 2000

SNAIL MAIL - 2000 Reunion


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Snail Mail We've Received!

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Patsy DOYEL Newton
186 Coleridge Green
Fremont, CA 94538

I'm sorry health problems for both of us prevents attending, but would love to see everyone and do hope you have a wonderful reunion.

Would like to have a picture and directory if possible.

Please use the rest for whatever you need to.


Patsy DOYEL Newton and Frank NEWTON.

With the letter was a check for $300.00.

We consider that they are paid up for the 2005, 2010, 2015 and 2020 Reunions! - and No Excuses For Not Coming to those!

The money is needed for this reunion and as seed for the next ones

Our prayers go with both of them for the reasons they can't attend this one.


From: Patty TAYLOR Bradshaw


Life has been very good to me.

One of the best things that has happened in the past 10 years is that in November, 1999, my cousin, Commander James W. Hall ( SHS-Class of 1952 ) remains were identified.

His Navy plane was shot down over Vietnam in October, 1972.

He has been listed as MIA these past 27 years.

Jim's remains were buried in Arlington National Cemetery on April 7, 2000 with full military honors.

Attending the services was a very moving and emotional event.

This is now bring closure to his family.

We're so thankful his remains were returned to this country he loved, served and for which he sacrificed his life.

God Bless America and Jim.

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion.

Patty ( Taylor ) Bradshaw.

Your Editor Owes Everyone an Apology for Not Getting This One Posted Sooner!

We Put it in the definitely don't lose stack - But, Your Editor Lost it!

We're All Losers Cause I goofed!

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Betty Ann Woodcock
Name in School: Betty Ann BARTON
Spouse: Don Woodcock
Street Address: 1318 Abbey Drive
City: Norman
State & Zip Code: Oklahoma 73071

Greetings Classmates

Wish we could attend all of the festivities.

My husband is recovering from a broken back so that's impossible.

We have two dear children; Drake, age 37 and our son Chris, age 33; and of course the most wonderful grandaughter, Kayln Nocloe, age 2 ½. She was our Christmas present, December 24, 1997.

Have a great reunon and my very best wishes to all my classmates.

Betty Ann BARTON Woodcock.

Enclosed you will find my check for group photo and directory.

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Velma Lee Green
Name in School: Velma Lee FOWLER
Spouse: Bill Green
Street Address: 1901 Mercury
City: Garland
State & Zip Code: Texas 75040
Fax: 214-349-4771

It is with mixed emotions that I must decline your invitation to attend the Class Reunion. I would love to see everyone again, but unfortunately due to a prior committment will be unable to come. ( At least this way all of you are forever young in my memories!! )

My husband, Bill and I have operated an air conditiong & heating business since 1963. We sold the business this past year to our son & his wife so that we can begin slowing down and hope to retire completely in 2 or 3 years. We still work in the business every day trying to keep it going for the kids. We also have a freon reclamation business which we operate with our son.

Between both businesses and our two grandsons we have little time to spare for our farm, where we hope to retire, right now. Both boys are big enough ( 13 & 10 ) that they enjoy coming to the farm and riding go-carts, 4 wheelers and horses. These grandkids are the light of our life but oh are they wearing us out trying to keep up with them! We are fortunate that both our son & daughter live here in Garland.

I hope everyone has a 'WONDERFUL" time rehashing the 'good old days'.

Hope to see everyone the next time around.

Velma FOWLER Green

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Brenda Bussey - Class of 1957
Name in School: Breda Jane OWNBY
Spouse: Donald Earl Bussey
Street Address: 1766 County Highway 21
City: Guin
State & Zip Code: Alabama 35563


It's like this: We want so much to come we'll be showing ( cutting horses ) at a big show in Fort Worth during the time.

We can't know ahead exactly when Don will be showing, so we're reserving our spot in case it works out that we can come for at least part of it.

Bio: ( For - Not, by Don ) - Got married - had kids - had six grandkids - still married - it ain't dull - It's great.

Don is still at the bank, but hired someone 2 years ago to take his place as CEO.

He remains Chairman of the Board, but has a little more free time now, and a little less responsibility. He still does the investments part of the banking and still works, but usually ownly 4 days a week.

Our son, Bret, manages the farm. They bought our ‘big' house and we built a smaller one three years ago.

It's a great Bleassing to have Son and Family right here with us.

Bret enjoys the ‘horsin around' and that's an added plus for Don's enjoyment of it. The ‘local' grandkids are great to have around.

Don's chairman of Finance Committee with the Dawson McAllistor Ministry, headquartered in Fort Worth. He has trips there for board meetings fairly often.

We're very interested in this ministry.

Dawson's Ministries are directed to youth, including a Sunday night radio call in show; conferences in many cities; a college for horse-loving youth at the facility in Forth Worth; clinics there for youth and adult cutters, reiners and barrell racers.

Don's job gets a little tough occasionally, as the whole ministry is funded by donations and always runs in the red.

Don is healthy tho a Senior citizen; hasn't changed an iota; still loves and enjoys people; loves his Lord Jesus, and puts up with with me quite well!

I recall telling him about 42 years ago that I didn't want a bald headed, pot bellied man - well, I don't have a bald headed man.

Oh, we do hope to see you all.

If we just can't get it in the schedule, just keep the $$$ and I guess Don would say keep it in the account for use on the next reunion - or give it to Keller if he's real bad needy - ( at least buy his ticket! )


We're crediting this one to Brenda and the Class of 57!

Don Has Another Letter 0n E-Mail Page!

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Willa Dean Dickie ---3/30/2000
Name in High School-If Different: Abbott
Name of Spouse: Bob
Street Address: 541 Leicester Court
City: Louisville
State & Zip Code: Ky 40222-5064

Do you plan to attend the Reunion? Yes

Love the Web site. Good job! If you have an address for JoDee Morris Bussey, I’d love to have it.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in July.

Willa Dean

See Willa Dean's Other Letters & Pictures!

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Velta Fern Barnett (Perry_
My Email:
Name in High Scool-If Different: Same (Perry)
Address: P.O. Box 888
City: Cedar Hill
State & Zip Code: Tx 75106
Phone Number: 972-227-8621-4; 972-293-1032-0
Fax: 972-293-9708

See Her Better Letter on Message Board

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Sharon Baxter --- 4/16/2000
Name in High School-If Different: Baxter
Street Address: 4170 Rosser Square
City: Dallas
State & Zip Code: Tx 75244
Phone Number: 972-484-4581

Do you plan to attend the Reunion? Yes

What are you doing: Sales—World Trade Center , Kennedy Home & Love Field Antiques, D. B. A. BAXTER & Co. (Sterling Silver Jewelry)

Grandparent: Jerry Adair, 5; Mary Alice Adair, 4; William Adair, 1

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Dayanna Fail Bond --4/06/2000
Name of Spouse: Elmer
Street Address: 1905 E. Farrall
City: Shawnee
State & Zip: OK 74801
Phone Number: 405-273-8349

Do you plan to attend the Reunion? No

Elmer and Dayanna have both retired. Enjoying our retirement very much. The Lord has blessed us with wonderful health, so at the moment we do whatever we want.

I bowl in a Sr. League (can’t bowl very good), but enjoy being with people. Also read a lot.

We are active in our church (Liberty Missionary Baptist Church). I sing in choir and a ladies trio. Elmer is an usher.

We get to see our children about as much as probably most everyone else. They are buy with their jobs and lives—children, but we enjoy them when we do get together.

I am retired from being Secretary at Jefferson Elementary School (18 years.). Elmer is retired from carrying the mail (a mailman) 25 years. Elmer loves to work in our yard (I watch), ha. We have a few couples we run around with.

Went to Las Vegas and going to Tunica in April. Just know we’ll come back so rich! HA!

I think Fern Barrett Perry is in the Dallas, Texas area with one of her children.

I saw Bob Welch at grocery store here in Shawnee a few months ago. I assume he lives here somewhere.

Just tell everyone I’m enjoy my life to the fullest. One day at a time!

Call Her - Ask Her to Come - We'll Miss Her!

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Doris Ann Davenport Morgan Smalley –4/06/2000
My Email:
Name in Highschool—If Different: Davenport
Name of Spouse: Keith Smalley
Street Address: 2703 Northridge
City: Shawnee
State & Zip Code: OK 74804
Phone Number: 405-273-5376

Do you plan to attrend the Reunion? Maybe

How did I get lost? You have me on the lost list, but evidently you have my address.

My husband and I retired in 1994 from U. S. Government service in Washington, D. C. We came home to Oklahoma where our roots and my grandkids are located. We traveled some with the government and some for pleasure. I have 5 states left to visit and then I will have been to all 50 states and Puerto Rico.

We are now devoting our time to caring for elderly relatives, cattle ranching and gardening. We do get some traveling in with our schedule. The Outer Banks in North Carolina is a favorite place.

Call Her - Ask Her to Come - We'll Miss Her!

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William H. Stewart
Spouse: Barbara J. LUCAS ( Class of 1956 )
4412 N. Chapman
Shawnee, Oklahoma 74804
Phone: Yes

I started to bio this; then I reconsidered and decided your questions sound like Gossipy Old Women; or maybe you are fresh off from a U.S. Census Assignment.

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From: Winnie MEAD Taylor
  • 17511 Methie
  • Spring, Texas 77379
  • Married 44 Years - 3 Children - 6 Grandchildren - Retired

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    Name: Ruth Ann Hornbaker
    Spouse's Name: Glen
    Name in High School if Different: Duffield
    Address: 7217 Kitchen Drive
    City: King George
    State: VA
    Zip: 22485-5227
    Phone Number: 540-663-2927

    Do you Plan to Attend the Reunion? Maybe

    I retired from teaching in 1998. My husband and I enjoy traveling, including overseas travel, and we lived in Korea for two years. We have also done some Rving.

    We have five granddaughters under six years old and do a lot of fun things with them.

    We live on the water and spend time boating, kayaking, and fishing. I'm also still involved in painting portraits and in strained glass construction. Life is good!

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    Elbert C. Cotrell did not graduate with the Class of 1955. He was in the Air Force at that time. He finished his schooling at Capitol Hill of OKC plus the Air Force.

    His sister, Bobbie Helen Cotrell, may have graduated there. His brother-in-law is James Beck (married Bobbie Helen Cottrel ) did graduate from there.

    His address is:

    Rev. James Beck
    P. O. Box 863
    Manford, OK 74044

    Elbert C. Cotrell died June 6, 1997 in Brownwood, Texas.


    Mrs. E. C. Cotrell

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    Name: Ross Porter
    Spouse's Name: Lin
    Address: P. O. BOX 801
    City: Calabasas Park
    State: Ca
    Zip: 91372-8010

    Do You plan to Attend the Reunion: No

    My message is on the website. [ Of Sorts! ]

    Say hello to everyone.


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    Name: Jerry Tully
    Address: 2104 N. Bonita
    City: Shawnee
    State: Ok
    Zip: 74804
    Phone Number: 405- 214-9702

    Do You Plan to Attend the Reunion: Yes

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    Name: Frank Coleman
    Friend's Name: Clauys Traylor
    Address: 1976 Abshire Lane
    City: Dallas
    State: TX
    Zip: 75228
    Phone Number: 214-321-2164

    Do You Plan to Attend the Reunion: Yes

    Retired from Texas Instruments, Dallas, 3-1-95 after 36 years.

    Now working for a limousine and coach company in Dallas. Driving for funerals and VIPs.

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    Name: Ruby L. Duncan
    Spouse's Name: Bobbie J.
    Name in high school if different: Ruby L. Chesser
    Address: 121 Brister Loop
    City: Dry Prong
    State: LA
    Zip: 71423
    Phone Number 318-899-3809

    Do You Plan to Attend the Reunion? No

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    Name: Edwin A. Dawson
    Spouse's Name: Sandy
    Name in High School if Different: Win Dawson
    Address: 595 Meadow Court
    City" Brookfield
    State: WI
    Zip; 52045
    Phone Number: 262-794-0169
    Fax: 414-586-3545

    Do You Plan to Attend the Reunion: Yes

    After high school, I attended college and graduated from OBU, Shawnee in 1960. Then I year at university of Wisconsin studying "plastics".

    Married in 1962, Sandra Hanson, who I met at U of W. Moved to Evanston and Libby born in ‘60s. Moved to Cincinnati to a toy company in 1965.

    In 1979 moved to Wichita, KS to manage plastics firm making Duncan Yo-yos. In 1993, moved to Rockford, IL to "consul" a plastic's molding firm.

    Recently, we moved to Milwaukee area to help in the formation of a new plastic molding firm.

    3 children grown. Scott, married, 3 children, lives in Wichita, KS. He is an illustrator. Pete is unmarried, rock ban drummer, and homeowner (Wichita). Libby, 2 children, is 6th grade math teacher. Lives in Tulsa.


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    Name: John David Edmundson
    Spouse's Name: Jean
    Address: 1340 S. 99 East Avenue
    City: Tulsa
    State: OK
    Zip: 74128
    Phone Number: 918-838-2400

    Do You Plan to Attend the Reunion: No

    Went to OU one year, then to OSU 2 ½ years. Have an associate degree in Aviation Tech.

    Moved to Tulsa, 1959. Worked for American Airlines. Then went to work for Xerox Corp. Spent 33 years with them. During this time we raised 3 kids, Paula, Pam, and David.

    Retired in 1995 and started my own business. Now have retired from it and have started to travel the world.

    Our kids have blessed us with 8 grandchildren and one great grandkid. Our youngest, David, lives near Little Axe School and I helped him build a new 4000 sq. ft. house in 1999.

    Will celebrate our 44 university this year/

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    Name: Bill Wendell Hampton
    Spouse's Name: Lois Lovetta
    Address: 17409 Drummond Road
    City: Shawnee
    State: OK
    Zip: 74801
    Phone Number: 273-1845

    Do You Plan to Attend the Reunion: No

    I'll be at our 50th. . . . . .. .if the Lord is willing.

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    Name: Melba J. McCullar
    Spouse's Name: Jesse L
    Name in High School if Different: Haug
    Address: 55 Northridge
    City: Shawnee
    State: OK
    Zip: 74804
    Phone Number: 405-273-8293

    Do You Plan to Attend the Reunion: No

    Please check 1995 records. My name has been McCullar for 8 years.

    I am retired from Roesch Funeral Chapel.

    My husband, Jesse, retired from Tinker Field and now works at Lowe's in flooring. Together we have 7 grandchildren.

    We love to read, work in the flower gardens, golf. I love crafts and some sewing.

    We have traveled to Germany, France, Austria, England, Scotland, Ireland and Denmark. We plan more trips to Germany to search genealogy records.

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    Name: Robert M. King
    Spouse's Name: Carolyn
    Address: 5702 Pleasant Valley
    City: Wylie
    State: TX
    Zip: 75098
    Phone Number: 972-475-4917
    ( bking6z@ or bkingbz@)
    Fax: 972-429-9630

    Do You Plan to Attend the Reunion: No

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    Name: Martha Lucile Hendershot
    Spouse's Name: Paul
    Name in High School if Different: Martha Johnson
    Address: 1011 E. Farrall
    City: Shawnee
    State: OK
    Zip: 74801

    Martha passed away Oct. 29, 1997.

    Beloved wife and mother of four.

    She lived a very full and fruitful life.

    She is very much missed by her husband, Paul Hendershot, sons, Doug, Warren and Chester, daughter, Paula Lauderdale, and grandchildren, Cambria & Carson Lauderdale, Kyle and Nicholas Hendershot, Chester Jr., Jordan and Courtney Hendershot, and her youngest granddaughter, Jade Ashton Hendershot, due 6-11-00.

    Her children were the biggest joy in her life. She also enjoyed homemaking, literally.

    She was a very talented carpenter and cabinetmaker. She tended a very large garden and she loved hosting and attending family functions. She was also very active in her church, St. Marks United Methodist Church.

    Her countless friends and extended family members will always remember her fondly.

    And So Do We!

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    Name: Vernon T. McLaughlin
    Spouse's Name: Leona
    Address: P.O. Box 1965
    City: Shawnee
    State: OK
    Zip: 74802
    Phone Number: 405-273-6712

    Do You Plan to Attend the Reunion: No

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    Name: Jerry F. Matthews
    Spouse's Name: Deanna
    Address: 617 E. Main
    City: Shawnee
    State: Ok
    Zip: 74801
    Phone Number: 273-8856 Email:

    Do You Plan to Attend the Reunion: Yes

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    Name: William B. Tiffany
    Spouse's Name: Lise Dearborn
    Address: 3888 Park Blvd., Apt 16
    City: Palo Alto
    State: CA
    Zip: 94306
    Phone Number: 650-493-7572
    Fax: 650-493-7572

    Do You Plan to Attend the Reunion: No

    We are living in Palo Alto, the most expensive city on earth, where I work as a registered patent agent.

    Lise and I celebrated our 25th anniversary last year, traveling to Denmark and Finland, and later through the New England states.

    In my spare time I work on family genealogy. Last year one daughter got married and this year another daughter and a son will do the same, so that pretty much knocks me out of this year's reunion. Hopefully I can show up for the 50th.

    Greeting and best wishes,

    Bill Tiffany

    He' Moved To Texas - See E-Mail Page

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    Name: Edna Margaret Storm
    Spouse's Name: William David Storm
    Name in High School if Different: Tower
    Address: 423 E. Burr Oak Road
    City: Norman
    State: Ok
    Zip: 73072-9119
    Phone Number: 405-321-0833

    Do You Plan to Attend the Reunion: Maybe

    Three Children

    Seven Grandchildren

    Bill and his brother sold their business, Storm Mfg. Co and Storm Plastics in December, 1998.

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    Name: Jeff C. Wilkson
    Spouse's Name: Joyce
    Address: P. O. Box 451322
    City: Grove
    State: OK
    Zip: 74345
    Phone Number: 918-786-5276

    Do You Plan to Attend the Reunion: No

    YES!! Was our intention, but we have a family reunion in Wyoming planned for July 22-23. Sorry.

    P.S. Retired on April1996 and moved to Grove, joy! joy!

    Wish we could be there

    Jeff Wilkson

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    Name: Henry McWaters
    Spouse's Name: Elizabeth
    Address: 931 Shue Rd.
    City: Sanford
    State: NC
    Zip: 27330-9706

    To Whom It May Concern

    My name is Henry McWaters. When I graduated in '55, I attended Oklahoma A & M at Okmulgee for one semester (diesel Mechanics).

    I then joined the U. S. Paratroopers for 3 years.

    While at Fort Bragg, NC, I got married in '57.

    We have 2 lovely daughters, one grandson, four beautiful granddaughters, and one great grandson. He is the greatest.

    I went back to Oklahoma after the army and ran a construction company for about fifteen years.

    I came back to North Carolina in '74 and went to work for Boise Cascade. Then I worked for Potters Amd. and went to N.C.S.U. for ind (?) plant management. I worked for Multi-Mirgls, as maintenance supervisor and later plant manager. I went to Alabama County Technical College, all together about 12 years with a 4.0 average. I worked for Flore Daniel's Construction Company, Moen Faucets and then a professor at CCC, teaching Hydraulics and pneumatics.

    I am now retired. I have arthritis, high blood pressure and shingles. I have the greatest wife of 43 years and a beautiful family.

    I also collect classic and antique cars. I have two Mercedes, one Porsche, five Cadillacs, one Lincoln, three vans, two motor homes, two El Caminos, two Pontiacs, two Oldsmobiles, one Ford pickup and one Buick. I also have a 20-acre farm.



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    From: Minnie Lea Moenning
    Name In High School: Minnie Lea Lunsford
    Address: 2981 Village Bend Road
    City: Mineral Wells
    State: Texas
    Zip: 76067-1217
    Phone: 940-325-8233

    Each year of life is an adventure. New Turns in the roads we travel.

    I have really enjoyed retirement from working.

    I have many projects that I have tried and some were enjoyable while others were done, but just not enough to keep me interested.

    I was divorced in 1983. Work in oil field business for serveral years.

    Remarried in 1986 and we have a farm. Have raised all different animals. Paying their way are the cattle and sheep. We both enjoy the famr and we have a big garden every year. Some years are plentiful and others you consier an adventure for that year.

    I have been blessed with 3 grandsons and the oldest just got married so now I have a granddaughter by marriage.

    Herbert, my husband, does woodwork in his sparetime. We have built our home ourselves and the has made a lot of our furniture.

    He is a very talented person and makes me a very hapy wife.

    I do handwork such as crocheting. Make most bedspreads, curtains, etc., for the house. Herbert and I both are now trying our talents at painting pictures and are having a lot of laughs about how much we need to practice by making new pictures. We have many hours of work and many hours of fun on our place here.

    We have pet squirrels and lots of toads around our water pond in the back yard. We have three large ponds on our place and some years they are full of water, and a few years they have been dry or almost dry.

    We have been blessed with rain recently which filled our tanks full.

    We are looking forward to many years of fun and a lot of projects to complete them thru our adventures of life.

    Love - Lea Moenning

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